11 February, 2023 by Eric Dunkelberger

Over the last couple of weeks, the United States has had at least two incursions of its airspace. The first began 28 January and continued until 4 February. The second was just one day in duration. The two incidences were handled completely differently. That fact raises questions!

In the first encounter, although Biden was briefed on it on Saturday, it wasn’t made public until Thursday. The disturbing point here was it wasn’t a government statement that announced the balloon, but a picture published by a local news outlet that made the incident known. Only after that was a statement by the Pentagon made. Surely they didn’t expect the balloon to go across the country completely unnoticed, did they? Well, the spycraft did go across the Aleutians, Alaska, and Canada before we were made aware of it! Were they trying to keep it secret and why?

Since it was over Montana the first we “discovered” it, the powers that be determined the safest course was to allow the spyballoon to traverse the entire country, gathering and relaying intelligence as it went, before any effort to shoot it down was made. Officials in Montana said it could have been brought down over some areas without much threat of hurting anyone. Finally, on Saturday afternoon (2/04), two F-22’s from Langley AFB in Virginia downed the balloon six miles off Myrtle Beach, SC. Also on station in the area were F-16’s from Shaw AFB in South Carolina. They were a lot closer to the spyballoon than Langley. I’m not sure why they needed to burn the extra fuel to bring the F-22’s on scene. Are the F-22’s now designated as the spyballoon killers? Anyway, the remains of the spyballoon is currently being recovered from 47 feet of water where it came to rest. They have recovered enough to determine that some components came from the United States.

The second encounter was much more brief. It was spotted yesterday as it entered our airspace and destroyed within an hour by jets (again reported as F-22’s out of Alaska). It was downed over icy waters, making recovery more difficult. As yet, it has not been announced exactly what the object was, just that it was at 40,000 feet, posing a hazard to air traffic, and not maneuvering and unmanned.

There was plenty of video of the spyballoon, even a couple of them showing the downing of it! There was also a huge backlash from the public concerning the lack of action on the part of the Biden Abomination! There’s nothing from the second encounter; no video, no description of the object, even though pilots shot it down. You would think we would hear something from it! The question remains: was it another balloon from CCP China or a psy-op to garner favorable opinions for this Abomination? After all, Biden and the leadership of the military took a huge beating in opinions of Americans after the first encounter!