5 January, 2023 by Eric Dunkelberger

Our Founding Fathers declared independence from an oppressive monarchy in 1776. For seven years, they fought the American Revolution against the British Army, sent by the British monarchy. Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence condemned the abuses inflicted on the American colonists in the name of the monarchy. Eventually, we signed a peace treaty with the monarchy, officially recognizing American Independence! When it became time to determine the type of government, is it any wonder they didn’t choose a monarchy?

The Founding Fathers were quite tired of an automatic ascension to power. They created a Constitution that laid out a Representative Republic. They decided the United States of America would be led by a President. The Constitution set forth three branches of government, the Executive, the Judicial and the Legislative. The Legislative branch would be the Senate, with members being sent by the individual states (changed by Amendment XVII), and the People’s House, the House of Representatives, with members elected by citizens of the states. The House members would elect a Speaker by a majority vote.

The Speakership was never intended to be handed down to a previously chosen, hand-picked few. It was designed with the possibility of being messy. It wasn’t supposed to be one ballot and done. In 1923, it took nine ballots to find a Speaker. Ultimately, the Speaker reports to the American People. In 2015, John Boehner resigned from the Speakership because the People protested and demanded it. When it came time to vote for the new Speaker, common consensus said Rep. Kevin McCarthy (Conservatives were against him then as well) was favored, by he lost and Rep Paul Ryan became the Speaker of the House.

As of this writing, we are in the third day of voting for a Speaker of the House. There have been a total of nine votes so far. The “favored” member is (again) Kevin McCarthy. There is a block of 20 Republicans, all Conservative, holding up his coronation. Later this evening, there should be a tenth vote. McCarthy can only give up four votes, the margin between Republican and Democrat is so close.

And that’s where we are right now. Democrats are making fun of the Republicans, saying its embarrassing. No, if you want embarrassing, look to the White House and it’s resident. Look at how other countries no longer think America a world leader. Look at a country that can’t, or won’t, control its border. Some of the Republican establishment are saying if they don’t elect McCarthy, a Democrat will be Speaker. Hogwash! That will only happen IF six Republicans vote for him. That would be the kiss of death for their careers (or should be).

McCarthy has a problem. As I say, he can only give up four votes and there are five who want him to step down. He can give concessions to the holdouts, but he won’t give up everything asked of him. The thing is, few of those 20 Conservatives believe he will actually follow through. McCarthy is no Conservative and would rather negotiate with Democrats than fellow Republicans. He is not a believer in term limits or curtailing spending, two of the items Conservatives want. He is an Establishment politician, a Swamp Creature.

I stand with the 20 proudly. These Representatives were voted in for change. The “business as usual” atmosphere is sucking the air out of the country. They say we need to elect McCarthy so we can get down to business. They ARE taking care of business! They are fighting the Swamp. Like Matt Gaetz said, if you want to drain the swamp, you can’t put the gator in charge. I say, stand on your principles, though you may stand alone (Hat tip to John Adams).