29, December, 2022 by Eric Dunkelberger

Around this time of year, between Christmas and New Year, everyone is looking back at what happened and what they did over the past year. Music outlets are going over their top 100. I’m not really interested, because, let’s face it, most of them aren’t as good as the music made in the ’60’s and ’70’s. Sadly, a Christian station I listen to could only do a top “20 in ’22” show. Oh, well. I’ll leave all of the looking back for the upcoming awards shows, which I never watch. So much for looking back!

Looking back, can you really change anything that happened last year or last decade? Well, not really. You can change your behavior, your attitude, you perspective and your habits. Some of that happens this time of year as we look to make resolutions. While deciding to quit smoking, stop drinking, lose weight and go to the gym are worthwhile endeavors, are you really willing to put in the exertion to go through with the resolution or is it all for show?

I don’t make resolutions. Aren’t you doing that more for pier-pressure? It always comes with the announcement , “I’ve made a resolution to…” If you decide to change something for the better, just do it! I quit smoking 14 years ago and curtailed drinking to around two or three beers a week. Those were personal choices that I made. I didn’t announce it to anyone, except maybe my wife. I did it to be a healthier person. For me! Other changes I’ve made over the last year were not only for myself, but for my Lord, my Saviour, my King! While, hopefully, you see a change, I did it more for Him, for the grace He has shown me, past, present and future.

Instead of looking back, I prefer looking forward. And, doing this, I am hopeful. I hope Conservative views prevail in the House of Representatives and tend to stifle the DemSocialist machinations. I truly hope a Conservative is elected to the Speakership of the House. I hope the incoming Congress works FOR the People instead of against. I hope we can return the United States of America to being a world leader and foil the plans of the World Economic Forum! I hope we achieve true integrity in our voting process. I hope a great list of real Conservative candidates comes forward to run for office in the next cycle of elections. I’ve already decided on several candidates for my state; just waiting for their decision to run. Is this too much to be hopeful for? This is what I’ll be working on. God’s will be done! Have a happy and safe New Year!