23 July, 2022 by Eric Dunkelberger

Right on cue, the CDC, FDA, WHO and NIH have begun to heat up the scare tactics regarding the re-emergence of Covid (or monkeypox or smallpox or something yet to be determined, but it WILL be bad, they’ll say) for the fall and winter of this year. Already, the call has gone out to mask up, submit to the jab and check your freedoms at the door. School systems around the country are meeting to decide whether or not to require masks for their students, who, of course, are the absolute least likely to get Covid. But, requiring masks is more about compliance, the first step in grooming children. Too many subjects? Okay, let’s continue with the HealthScare.

When Covid first started, no matter how or from where it came, the “experts” called for a lockdown for two weeks to stop the spread, but that lasted much longer. The lockdown was for the non-essential workers. Who likes being called non-essential? Schools and businesses began meeting remotely. This didn’t work out well for schools as this was the first instances of parents discovering what was actually being taught to their kids, in many cases, for the first time.

Dr. Fauci started out saying masks weren’t necessary. Shortly afterward, he said we needed to wear masks, then, later, perhaps two masks. Of course, Fauci himself wrote a paper in 2005 stating that in 1918, masks killed more people than the Spanish Flu.

I’ve already expressed my opinions on the vaccines in previous posts. I studied the data on the vaccines. No one could tell what the long term effects would be on the mRNA drugs. It would change your DNA or maybe not. It affected your natural immunity or it wouldn’t. I knew that data coming from the drug companies, FDA, CDC, and the government were not adding up. The “experts” were all unreliable! The best medical advice was coming from groups like America’s Frontline Doctors. What was labelled as conspiracy theories were quickly shown to be truth! I am a Pure Blood, non-vaccinated per my choice based on my research. I know more than a few people who regret their multiple jabs.

As touched on above, there are other issues involved beyond the medical aspects. the HealthScare had an effect on Americans. It did little more than divide us: compliant vs non-compliant. It may have been tagged as vaccinated or unvaccinated, but it was the former! The DemSocialists need Americans to be divided, compartmentalized into tiny groups. They can’t have us getting together. But, that’s what we must do! We are weaker separate, but stronger together. Good will triumph over evil!