16 July, 2022 by Eric Dunkelberger

Well, it’s that time again. The Consumer Price Index for June has come out and it’s not good. Again! The Bidenflation rate has gone from transitory or Putin’s fault to real pain in the American people’s pockets. Still! The Biden Abomination will continue to blame everybody, but the fact is, the blame rests solely on the economic policies of Joe Biden and whoever is pulling his strings! The Bidenflation rate has gone up to 9.1%.

This week, Joe Biden is embarrassing himself in Israel, the non-nation Palestinian Authority and Saudi Arabia. Jill Biden embarrassed herself earlier in the week, so they’ve had a terrible week. The Saudis are saying they are at maximum capacity now and can’t increase the flow to help alleviate our gas crunch (caused exclusively by Biden policies). If those in charge in Washington DC wanted to help Americans, all they would have to do is repeal everything they’ve done since day one of this abomination. Yes. gas prices have gone down a little, but they are still more than double what they were on 20 January, 2021. and the oil level in the Strategic Petroleum Reserve is going down, at the same time that Biden appears determined to start conflicts against the United States.

With conditions as they are here, many are talking of a “Red Tsunami” after the general election on 8 November. This should definitely happen! Many DemSocialists should be sent home. Many Rino’s should be sent home! Some Republicans will take their seats and immediately show the true colors of Rino’s. Republicans always run as Conservatives in primaries until they win and turn moderate, or worse!

That’s where we sit right now. Will there be a Red Tsunami? Will it only be a Red Wave? We have to look at what happened during the election in 2020. Have we learned anything? Very few states have done anything to correct the election fraud in their state.

My own state of North Carolina hasn’t done anything! In 2014, citizens voted on an amendment to the NC Constitution for Voter ID. It passed with 60% in favor. It was ratified then, immediately, it was tied up in a lawsuit, saying it was a burden on minorities. It’s still tied up! Since 2014, North Carolina has had two state Attorneys General, both refusing to take the issue to court. The day before the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade, they ruled that the NCGOP can retain outside counsel in the case involving Voter ID. That was almost a month ago and still, there’s been no action on the matter of which I know.

The DemSocialists know the only way they can win this upcoming election is to cheat. They’ve been doing that for years! Will it happen again? More people have volunteered as observers and poll workers. They know by now what they should look for. My precinct has gone to paper ballots. There are still some in our county that have machines. There are many other ways employed to commit election fraud. I guess the tell-tale will be if the ballot tallying stops abruptly at midnight and stays down for several days. Again!