23 August, 2021 by Erich Dunkelberger

Currently, around 51% of Americans are fully vaccinated against the Covid virus. All this year, there has been a daily call for everyone to get the vaccine. News programs from the Sewer Stream Media, television shows, celebrities, and advertising agencies across America are involved in pushing these drugs. Cities and businesses are considering mandating the vaccine to go anywhere inside a building. Colleges and universities want to mandate it for students and staff.

None of the vaccines, to date, have completed Stage three clinical trials and all of the vaccines are authorized for emergency use only. That is until this morning, when the FDA fully approved the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine. It was announced late last week that the FDA was likely to issue approval as early as today. Immediately, health officials jumped up saying that now more people who had been hesitant to get the shot would surely get it now. They also said mandates should go ahead. Think, Papers Please! Pfizer stock opened up 2% this morning. The Pentagon briefing on the debacle in Afghanistan included announcement that a timeline for mandating military personnel to be vaccinated would be finalized soon!

Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer, made the statement, “Based on the longer-term follow-up data that we submitted, today’s approval for those aged 16 and over affirms the efficacy and safety profile of our vaccine at a time when it is urgently needed.” I sure would be interested in seeing that data. Did it include the almost 500 deaths in the first 3 months of roll-out? Did it say that the trial patients were those very same patients getting the vaccine through the emergency use? The statement mentioned efficacy. Does it keep you from getting Covid? No! When you get the virus after the vaccine, are the effects as bad or worse. You can’t answer that one; how could you know. And now, you have to have a third shot! Are you going to need to take one every eight months or so?

Now that the Pfizer vaccine is fully approved, does that end the waiver for liability. If not, being fully approved means nothing. It means that approval was nothing more than a ploy to get more people vaccinated! If liability is still blocked, does that open the FDA to being sued? Now that the vaccine has a name (Comirnaty) and you need at least one more shot, what will keep Pfizer from raising the price like so many other drugs?

None of this answers the big question of concern for me. What will the side effects be five to ten years from now. Let me remind you that this is the first mRNA vaccine, with very limited study of long term effects. Basically, I don’t trust the CDC (they still haven’t explained how they test for the Delta variant) or the FDA. I am not at all sure this wasn’t just an approval in name only to get more people jabbed! I have questions. I’ll wait for more answers to change my opinion. I’ll follow the science once I see the data! Being told what to do isn’t following the science!