22 February, 2021 by Erich Dunkelberger

Last November, just before Thanksgiving, I was talking to my granddaughter on the telephone and the subject of the upcoming holiday arose. She started talking about the Pilgrims stealing the land and killing or enslaving the Indigenous people. This is definitely not what I learned in school. This is straight out of the 1619 Project and it’s being taught in our schools.

The whole premise of the 1619 Project is to rid our children of the concept of American exceptionalism. It says the any pride in our country was built on a lie from the very first landing of Europeans (excluding the Vikings, of course) on our shores. American Exceptionalism ended with the landing of the Mayflower in 1620, and has gone downhill from there. This is just an introduction to cancel culture for our children.

Cancel culture is basically eliminating any thing or philosophy that is offensive to an agenda. Marxists have used it for years. If you don’t like what a book says, burn it. If you don’t like what someone says, ban it. If you don’t like a product a company makes, forbid them selling it. Take Mike Lindell, for instance. Big Tech and the Lame Stream Media banned any mention of voter fraud in the 2020 election. Mike Lindell made a two hour long video outlining and put it out for anyone to see. The Socialists are outraged; little boy Hogg and backers say they are forming a pillow company to put Lindell’s My Pillow out of business (using capitalism?) A second video comes out and Dominion, the maker of the voting machines dictators everywhere prefer, sues Lindell for $1.3 Billion.

The DemSocialists have to destroy the United States of America, so they have to destroy anyone who supports America. They can’t reshape the country into something they want without tearing it down first. To accomplish their agenda, they tell followers that the flag, the National Anthem, veterans, the police, Conservatives, the religious, etc. are all racist or sexist or some other “ist” to separate them from the conversation. To aid this, they take away your freedom of speech. Hey, who’s been banned on Facebook or Twitter? Show of hands!

Circling back (wink) to the indoctrination of our children. I was upset to find this curriculum in a conservative county’s schools. I have written letters to the board members and to the States Board of Education. My other daughter-in-law homeschools her child. There are ways around the re-training of our children. Unfortunately, saving our country will be more difficult. How much are we willing to take before we push back against the Cultural Marxism?