8 February, 2021 By Erich Dunkelberger

Voting is one of the most sacred rights a citizen can exercise. It is the method we use to determine who our elected officials are and how they vote to make laws. Maintaining voter integrity is the only way to insure government works for us and not the other way around. Lose it and you lose all confidence in your vote! This last election illustrates my point.

To date, a lot of evidence has come to light about the types of election fraud used in the 2020 election. Many Republicans scream against the fraudulent ways employed in the election cycle; Democrats are in complete denial. The call has gone out for election reform and it’s been taken up in Congress. The Democrats have devised H.R.1 as a solution to all ills in voting. But is this what the American citizen wants?

The provisions laid out in the bill will drastically change how we vote. First, it will expand online voting with no identification required. Democrats like ID in everything except voting. The more limitations to who can vote, the more vehemently Dems respond. In the same vein, same day registration would be mandatory. No fraud can come from registering to vote, then turning around and voting. Well, yes it can, if there is no vetting of the information given before the vote is counted. Both of these items are in H.R.1!

During the summer of 2020, the Dems said they wanted to use California as the model for remaking the United States of America. In other words, the US should be more Communist, less fiscally responsible and more diverse, whether a citizen or not, according to Dems. The next thing on the list for voter reform is using the model of California’s motor voter law. This means, when you register to drive, you automatically are registered to vote. Too many times, the DMV doesn’t follow through on excluding those not eligible to vote. It’s easier for them to just include everyone, causing fraud, either accidental or on purpose. Also, included in the bill, is legalizing vote harvesting, which is legal in California. In that state, any one can gather absentee ballots and turn them in to the Board of Elections.

Dems want to lower voting age to 16 years old. Obviously, the younger people are used to having everything paid for them, so socialism isn’t really a concern to them. At least, that’s the thought for Dems. They think 16 and 17 year olds would be more easily swayed to their beliefs.

Democrats also want to prohibit the removal of illegal aliens from voter rolls. This also touches on the California motor voter law which added those illegals to those rolls. Of course, Dems want to grant asylum to those same people.

All of the things in the above paragraphs favor Democrats. They figure the policies above will produce Democrats voters. Getting more “D” votes means they no longer have to cheat to win as much. Of course, it is still available for them. So let’s add a couple of other items to help the Dems. They want to end the policy of bipartisanship in the FEC. They say that the FEC should be controlled by the ruling party, obviously meaning themselves. Since it is the FEC to whom you complain in the event of malfeasance, this means complaining about an election will come to naught.

The name for H.R.1 bill is “For The People Act” is definitely a misnomer. It might be better named “For People Like US Act”, because it’s obvious that if this bill passes, There will never be another Fair and Free election!