Over the last year, the Democrat National Committee has whined, moaned and cried. They’ve changed leadership and deflected scandal after scandal. Fundraising has declined. Yet, on Tuesday, they made some gains, including the governorships of New Jersey and Virginia. The GOP has to honestly take a look at what happened.

The Democrat Party is fractured. The Establishment and the socialists who backed Bernie Sanders went head to head and the socialists feel cheated. Across the country, there exists a racial divide and illegal immigrants feel they’ve been used as pawns. The coffers of the DNC are running very low. So, how did the Democrats do as well as they did?

Obviously, President Trump wasn’t on the ballot, but the angst of Democrats swelled. A lot of them, believing polls of a Hillary landslide, felt no need to vote and stayed home. Many of them came to the ballot boxes this time.

On the Republican side (just as fractured), Trump wasn’t on the ballot, so, many Republicans stayed home. President Trump made many promises last year on the campaign trail. Many of those promises have been held up by Congress, particularly the Senate. Republicans are frustrated. In 2012, we delivered the House to the Republicans. In 2014, we delivered the Senate and in 2018, the White House. Obamacare hasn’t been repealed. The wall is still waiting. DACA has been pushed back for six months. Things that were campaign issues for the last eight years, could be campaign issues in the next cycle. Eventually, their voters will stop voting!

The thing the GOP needs to learn: the American people are tired of the endless cycle of promising everything and delivering nothing. the only thing that flourishes is the unlimited government. The Republicans are as guilty of this as the Democrats. Republicans take pride in their pro-life platform, yet they still fund Planned Parenthood. In fact, the recently passed budget does more to please Democrats than Republicans. The Republican Establishment is much more vicious against Conservatives than Democrats. They certainly compromise with Democrats.

Two things are going to be the telling factors for the future of the GOP. First is the Alabama Senate race. President Trump and the Establishment both were adamantly against Judge Moore during the primary and neither group will back him now. Secondly is the tax reform bill Congress is working on. The House has passed a bill and the Senate is already watering it down to make it next to no real change. A democrat win on either of the two issues means a bad year in 2018. for Republicans and, ultimately, the United States.