Well, it’s that time of year again. Football season is around the corner. As a reminder, I received my bill for Sunday Ticket, due this month. Now, I love football. I love College Football. I love NFL Football. Sunday afternoon is pretty much reserved for Pro football.

That being said, last year was a bit of turmoil and frustration. As more and more teams members took a knee for the National Anthem, I felt no desire to watch those teams. In fact, I actively cheered for the opponent, unless they allowed team members to take a knee. Thing is, I boycotted those teams.

Now, I understand everyone has a 1st Amendment right to express their opinions, even if their opinion is not fact-based. That 1st Amendment doesn’t say the expressing of an opinion comes without Your agenda repeated this year, will definitely put more red ink in the balance sheets. cost. Say, for example, a store announces a policy allowing men to use the women’s bathroom, that’s their right. It’s my right to never go back into one of their stores again. If that store finds them losing huge amounts of money, I don’t feel guilty. In fact, just the contrary.

So, with my Sunday Ticket bill in hand, my question for the NFL- Is the NFL determined to further push their Progressive agenda. If so, I will have to pass on funding your agenda. Last year, the NFL lost a bunch of money. Just a few short months ago, you decided the reason for that loss was the unpatriotic display of some of your players. So, if you could, please inform the American people which option you choose, a Progressive agenda or the actual playing of football. I need to decide whether or not to pay for Sunday Ticket this year!