Last night, during his speech from the Oval Office, Barack Obama commented on how someone on the No-Fly list couldn’t board an airliner, but could purchase a weapon. He thinks we should close that loophole. Of course, the facts eludes him, as they usually do. The two (where’d the third go) shooters in San Bernardino, Ca. were not on the No-Fly list. They weren’t on any government list. However, it was revealed yesterday that 72 members of the Department of Homeland Security were on the No-Fly list. I’m sure that they could board airliners by a simple use of their badge.

The idea to close the loophole of someone on the No-Fly list being able to purchase weapons might sound like common sense until you actually think about it. Who puts those names on the list and what vetting is used to ensure that the name should be on the list. Turns out that various agencies submit names to a committee, then that committee rubber stamps it most of the time. There have been cases where the name is misspelled causing havoc to an innocent person instead of the intended listee. If someone has the same name as another whose name is on the list, that person isn’t going anywhere. If John Smith is on the list, all John Smiths are on the list.

Using the watchlist for gun control poses its own problems. This administration corrupts things to make things better fit their agenda. They corrupted plans for Fast and Furious (again, not the movie) to aid in their gun confiscation. They corrupted Obamacare, causing it not to work, so they could “fix” it with the single-payer option, their goal all along. So, who’s to say they won’t put names of known gun owners on the watchlist. If you remember back to 2009, Janet Napolitano, then head of Homeland Security, said that the next domestic terrorists would be veterans and Tea Party members. I’m sure the VA and the IRS, who have been watching the Tea Party members closely, can provide those names to add to that watchlist. Could Loretta Lynch, Attorney General, add the names of anyone besmerching the name of Islam? Just for good measure, maybe they can add everyone from Fox News, although there have been a couple already.

Once the people named above are on that list, they won’t be able to pass a background check for a firearm. Now that the government has throttled back on new gun purchases, some Democrat Senator will suggest that,  since people on the list couldn’t buy a firearm under existing law, they shouldn’t be able to keep any they already have. Then the fireworks start.

This administration came into office with gun control of the European model in mind, meaning banning and confiscation. They deny it, but it’s there rising to the surface. Obama and his minions will do anything to achieve that goal. Seems to me the phrase “by hook or by crook” was mentioned in at least on of his speeches. Can someone tell me the scenario above wouldn’t come true, at the hands of this administration? I don’t think so.