I was made aware that, due to the Islamic Extremist attack on Paris, France last Friday, the sophomoric spoiled collegians are whining that they aren’t in the spotlight anymore. I thought I’d take a brief moment to shed a tiny beam of dim light. It’s probably more light than they deserve.

When last the light shone on them, on the Mizzou campus, we had the self-proclaimed hunger striker crying about oppression. He was upset that he lost his student insurance (after eight years on campus). Turns out, it wasn’t because of the man or white privilege; It’s due to regulations set up through the Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, so the person at fault was Barack Obama. Of course, his daddy works for the railroad and pulled down over $8 million last year. I think they can afford insurance, even under the astronomical premiums of Obamacare, though it might hurt his feelings.

On several college campuses, there are students who want equality, while they segregate themselves from those who are different. There are students who want to do away with the First Amendment, while they use the same Amendment to voice their so-called grievances and assemble in the fashion of Occupy Wall Street. There are students who have learned that if you claim an event happened often enough, it becomes fact, regardless of whether or not there exists any evidence to the contrary. There are students who believe if you don’t have grades good enough to pass, you have been marginalized and should be educated free.

Are those malcontent students to blame? There are parents who protect though children to the extent they aren’t allowed to get dirty or do anything remotely dangerous. They enter their children in sports, where rules dictate there are no winners (or losers). The students go to school and are provided a cookie-cutter education (the scene from Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” comes to mind), while protecting their precious feelings. The teachers shield them from any discriminations, real or perceived, now even gender “conflict”.

Then, off to college they go, where they meet their new mentors, the hypocritical, progressive ideological, close-minded faculty member, their professors. The professor lauds Socialism to the student. Hey, there’s a reason to spy services of Russia and the Soviet Union recruited so successfully on American college campuses. The professor teaches the evils of Free Market, while making their money through that process. After all, enough students value the outrageously expensive price demanded by the professor in order to keep his position viable, right? The student gets the promise of higher incomes, while being offered such great career courses as Underwater Basket Weaving 301. Is it any wonder that the modern crop of students are so spoiled and malcontented? Actually, the turning of the students against their mentors is deserved. The faculty prepped the students on discord, they just expected them to use it after they left campus. You reap what you sow.

Soon enough, however, the crybabies will have to grow up and take responsibility. Many of their problems come back to their own decisions. It’s no one’s fault but their own that they have no marketable degree, but they have $200,000 college debt.  The student needs to learn fast, because sooner or later, they’ll have to leave Academia. Out in the real world, not as many people care about their hurt feelings.