The Lame Stream Media is failing miserably at its job, but does so with a purpose. It’s biased reporting of events leaves much of the population ill-advised and uninformed or apathetic. It accepts press releases from some sources as fact, while ignoring or misrepresenting opposing views. While claiming objectivity, they interject their progressive viewpoint into any story. They wonder why their ratings are declining, along with the public’s opinion of their profession.

For example, last weekend Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam hosted a Million Man March on the Mall in Washington DC. It was the twentieth anniversary of the march with the central idea of atonement; be a better father and citizen in the community. Twenty years ago, that got a lot of attention. How much did you hear about the gathering last weekend. The attendees were Islamists, Socialists, Atheists and anarchists. Cries of “Down, down USA” were everywhere. The call for actual revolution was repeated several times. Was this anywhere on the alphabet station news programs?  The original march was widely reported and the crowd size was inflated to a million people, while estimates ranged from 250,000 to 300,000. The one a couple of days ago was gauged at around one million, according to Secret Service estimates, while any old press merely said thousands. Evidently, the Lame Stream Media and its Progressive masters aren’t ready for a million people calling for open revolt. Yet.

Another example is the tumult revolving around the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Several months ago, one of the few actual Conservative Congressmen from North Carolina, Rep. Mark Meadows brought forward a bill to vacate the Speakership in the House.  John Boehner and Jason Chaffetz retaliated by removing him from an important committee. the uproar from Conservatives across the country was such that Chaffetz had to backtrack and put Meadows back on the committee.Upon questioning, Boehner said that he was “Tea Party before there was a Tea Party”. Evidently, he was drinking something other than tea, for there is no evidence he has ever pushed for a Conservative bill. The call for his removal continued to grow outside of Congress. Boehner kept the bill at bay until the August recess. All this time, the media said this was a revolt by a few crazies that would go nowhere. During the recess, the GOP establishment made calls to get votes to keep Boehner as Speaker, but failed. The evidence? Speaker Boehner resigned. If he had enough votes in his favor, he would have called for the vote. Kevin McCarthy stepped up for the job and was quickly shut down by Conservatives at home. Boehner called Paul Ryan twice to beg him to run, but, twice, he’s rejected the move. Through this, the media is telling their customers the Conservatives are trying to destroy the party. Truth is, the GOP establishment has been destroying the party for at least the last thirty years, as they moved further and further to the Progressive left.

The GOP elite and the Democrats have damaged the country with their tax and spend policies, their green agenda that no one believes, their unlegislated regulations, their social remodeling and religion crushing. Together they are driving the country over a cliff. The only difference is the GOP elite are driving slightly slower. Either way, the crash at the end of the drop will still destroy the country. Conservatives want to stop that drive to the cliff. Conservative stand for less spending, less taxes, much smaller government, a return to the Constitution and state’s rights. Meanwhile, we are called extremists, wacko-birds, domestic terrorists, crazies among other names. For Conservatives, as long as our foundation is rooted in our religion, our family values and the Founding Documents, everyone else are the radicals. But that doesn’t fit into the Progressives or the Lame Stream Media’s agenda!