In 1095, after 450 years of Muslims taking land by the sword, Pope Urban II called for what became the First Crusade with the primary goal of restoring Jerusalem to Christian rule. Several kings used the Crusade for a secondary goal of halting the advance of Islamic encroachment into their territories and pushing them back across the sea. By the time the First Crusade started, the Muslims had conquered about two-thirds of the Christian world. After seven crusades and 196 years,  the fighting stopped with mixed results. The invading Muslims had mostly been pushed back, but gains remained. Jerusalem had been won and lost, several times.

Today, Muslims live throughout the world, with a few exceptions. However, with the turmoil going on in Syria, Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq there is a huge number of Muslims being displaced and heading to Europe. The media shows us pictures and video of the masses crammed aboard ragged ships as they sail across the Mediterranean Sea. We see them, after being offered water and food, demonstrate their thankfulness by throwing water bottles at the volunteers and the other supplies onto train tracks. The media doesn’t show the debris strewn aside by the horde in Paris or the ISIS banners displayed before German polizei. The media doesn’t show that the refugees are all Muslim and not Christian, who are experiencing a worse plight and harder passage. The media might say that Hungary is being restrictive over who comes there. What they won’t tell you is that Hungary has said they will only take Christians, who are being killed or placed into slavery. Of course, the media is far more concerned with the destruction of antiquities by ISIS than the murder of whole cities of Christians. That image wouldn’t be very favorable to Islam, though much more honest.

Last week, Germany said that they would allow 800,000 refugees into their country. With that offer, Saudi Arabia said they would pay to build 200 mosques (remember, Christians don’t go to mosques). To date, that is the only contribution by Saudi Arabia or any of the other wealth Arab countries toward the refugee problem. They certainly aren’t allowing any of them into their countries. Yesterday, the Germans put the brakes on that program, after this picture showed up.

Yes, those are ISIS flags confronting the German police officers. Now, Europe is thinking about their borders again.

   Intelligence officials are estimating  that two people in every 100 refugees are Islamic jihadis. That’s 2%. The White House has said they are open to accepting  10,000 refugees. Since I predate Common Core, I know that 2% of 10,000 is 200. That’s 200 jihadis this administration wants to allow into our country, with full benefits I might add. Remember the two Islamist refugees who wreaked havoc at the Boston Marathon a little over two years ago. Imagine one hundred times that terror.

   As to the issue of the Christian refugees, when asked about them, a State Department spokesperson said that they’d have to look into that some time next year. How many of those Christians will be killed before the State Department gets around to looking into it. But, by all means, let’s grant free entry into the country to any Muslims who might want to come.