On a campaign visit to Iowa in August, 2007, Senator Barack Obama pledged that, if elected as President, his administration would be the most transparent and accountable in history. We all know how transparent this administration has been: not at all! In fact, I’ve seen concrete clearer that this administration. How accountable has it been?

This weekend, I saw that a Colorado Veterans Hospital being built was a billion dollars over budget and the project was now going to cost $1.73 Billion. Outrageous! There are several others also over budget, though. Even worse, right? The worst part is the VA is awarding the construction execs over those projects huge bonuses! For what? I have a construction business and I have never been granted a bonus for being over budget or late on a project. In fact, it usually works the other way. I start losing money!

So, where’s the accountability at the VA department concerning the building of facilities? Who’s holding project managers and companies collective feet to the fire to get work done on time and on budget? The answer is nowhere! Can’t find it! Of course, this isn’t the only accountability problem at the VA. Remember the Phoenix VA hospital at the center of the waiting list scandal, which cost the lives of 40 veterans. The director was on PAID administrative leave for over 220 days before she was fired from her position. Waiting lists are still being used, although new legislation last year was supposed to end it. But, that legislation also provided funds for more facilities that, I’m sure will do nothing more than line the pockets of union officials.

Accountability has been non-existent throughout this administration. We have an  Attorney General held in contempt of Congress for withholding files surrounding the missing weapons during the Fast and Furious operation. The operation cost the life of a Border Agent, Brian Terry, along with more that a few Mexican citizens. No one was held accountable. The IRS was used as a weapon against Conservatives and the official at the center of that investigation, Lois Lerner, was placed on PAID administrative leave until she decided to retire, without accountability. There’s no one been held accountable for an ambassador and three security people being killed in Benghazi. Come to think of it, where are the emails concerning this scandal from the Secretary of State’s private server? No accountability surrounding the targeting of a non-mission capable helicopter shot down over Afghanistan killing 26 SEALs. The lack of any accountability in this administration goes on and on.

It has gotten to the point that we, as citizens, are far more accountable to the government than the other way around. When the question comes up over who is responsible for anything, some committee meets and fingers are pointed back and forth. No one gets held accountable. Patrick Henry said,”The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them.” Our Liberty is looking a lot less secure now.