The State Department is closing in on a deal with Iran concerning their nuclear facilities and their potential to make nuclear weapons. The deal needs to be completed by the 24th of this month and the administration is panicked to make an agreement. They need it! The conditions of the deal are vague, by some accounts, gives Iran around 80% of what they want. They have sanctions currently imposed upon them relaxed and they get to continue operating a huge number of centrifuges for the production of nuclear power. They also must not produce nuclear weapons during the life of the agreement, approximately ten years.

The fact that Iran has not kept promises in the past completely eludes this administration. They need an agreement to prove how great they are in foreign diplomacy. Of course, a quick look around the world shows their prowess. At best, Iran gets nukes in ten years; at worst, they break their promise and get the bomb within a couple of months. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke before Congress, saying an Iran with the bomb is completely unacceptable. I agree!

Details of the deal are being kept under wraps, some even secret from Congress. They have been increasingly vocal on the deal with Iran. The administration thinks they can get the agreement done without Congressional approval. After all, Congress has allowed them to circumvent the Constitution repeatedly, even after they won the majority in both houses! Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) has been an outspoken critic, but last week, was threatened by a Justice Department indictment on corruption charges. Last week, Harry Reid, Senate Majority, excuse me, I mean Minority Leader, says Congress can let the deal go through. Now, I’m not a Constitutional scholar, but the Constitution places the duty of ratifying treaties squarely in the hands of the Senate! If the deal John  Kerry is working on is so fantastic, why don’t they want the details made public? Why is the deal granting Iran 80% of the things they want in OUR best interests?

This arrangement with Iran is just one more case of hidden agendas with this administration. Just last week, the FCC, under direction of the White House, took control of the internet. The 332 page plan is still unreleased. What could they be hiding? Even Netflix, which was for “net neutrality” prior to the FCC  action, is now having second thoughts. Is this just another instance where we have to pass it before we find out what’s in it? Will all the emails sent and received during the negotiations with Iran get lost, much like Lois Lerner’s or Hillary’s emails during Benghazi? Will Marie Harf use her nuances to allay our fears even as Iran launches its nukes upon America? I guess it all rests on whether Congress (specifically the Senate) rolls over. Again!