Harry Reid is at it again. Today, after rejecting yet another continuing resolution offer, He stood in front of the Senate and said that they (the Republicans) don’t have the right to pick and choose. Well, this is a bit odd coming from him and, presumably, his boss. They’ve been doing that for the last five years.

     Didn’t the picking and choosing begin with Solyndra and the other alternative energy sources over fossil fuels? It might have begun with the stimulus funds going to union companies around the country instead of opening it up to for any business. It’s hard to tell which was first since they came from the same money trough. Either way, it was a huge waste of our money.

     Don’t forget about all the waivers given out (the first time) to the unions and donors for the Democratic party. Wasn’t that some picking and choosing? It must have been, because neither I nor anyone I know receive a waiver.

     Of course, there’s the IRS investigations against the Tea Party groups, church groups, family oriented groups trying to get tax-exempt status. They chose to delay around 250 conservative groups while checking only six liberal groups.

     I could go on with regards to the Democrat Party’s rant against Republicans picking and choosing. Harry Reid, through the Senate picks and chooses which bills passed by the House ever see the light of day. They have picked and chosen they and their staff get an exemption from paying for 75% of Obummercare, while the people they work for, the American people, get hung out to dry. They’ve determined that they want to grant amnesty to 30-40 million illegals (yes, I said it) so that the illegals can get the jobs instead of American citizens because, then, the companies don’t have to provide insurance.

     So, I ask, who exactly is responsible for most of the picking and choosing? It seems to me that rests with Harry Reid, the Senate Democrats, and Barack Hussein. It’s been them doing the choosing, and now they choose to do without any negotiation at all. They’ve picked to demand it all!