Currently, the United States Navy has five destroyers off the coast of Syria, each with more than four dozen cruise missiles,provided they received a full load-out, waiting on orders to fire. The British were sending ships and aircraft, but Parliament demanded a vote on the attack and voted against it. Germany doesn’t want to do anything in the form of an attack. The French are all for attacking, yet I haven’t noticed any of their assets moving into the area. The assets I do see entering the arena are ships of the Russian Navy, including the guided missile cruiser Moskva.

How did we get here? Well, two years ago, an uprising developed against the Syrian regime of Bashir Al-Assad. The regime struck back, killing those involved. New protestors arose and were quickly dealt with. Here in the United States, the President sat and watched. Evidently, he’s really good at sitting and watching. We were busy leading from behind in Libya, sending weapons into the civil war there. About the time that Moammar Ghaddafi was killed by his fellow Libyans, the conflict in Syria had devolved into a civil war between four factions. In August, 2012, the President is talking (something else he’s really good at) about Syria and says his “red line” in the conflict would be if they started moving chemical weapons around or using them. He was saying that if either of those events occurred, he would have to step in to stop them.

Last June, the French let it be known that the Syrians had used chemical weapons on their own people. Our President, having been reminded of his “red line” speech, launched an investigation into who if anyone was responsible. It’s amazing how, once this administration launches an investigation, how quickly it goes absolutely nowhere! So, two months later (a couple of weeks ago), there is another chemical weapons attack, this time on video.  Again, the President is reminded of what he said. Again, he wants to make sure who was responsible. The French have said it was Assad. The Arab League says it was Assad. So, using the sit and wait protocol he likes best, he waits for the UN.

So, here we are. The UN has been to Syria to test for chemical weapons and we are waiting for the results. The President has attempted to build a coalition and no one wants to play, except the French giving us moral support. Congress wants to be informed and possibly vote on any action. Our Secretary of State, today,  spoke to the American people, saying that information was irrefutable that it was the Assad regime. This information supposedly comes from the intelligence community and the Arab League. Now, let me remind you that this is the same intelligence community that the administration has spent many years humiliating for their “weapons of mass  destruction” gaffe prior to our going into Iraq and the same intelligence community that seems more intent ,on spying on American citizens at home rather than on terrorists abroad. As for the Arab League, they are heavily involved with  our President’s buddies, the Muslim Brotherhood. You’ll forgive me if I don’t necessarily believe them.  Al Qaeda does have chemical weapons and a presence in Syria. The Muslim Brotherhood was, until recently, in control of Egypt. Does Egypt have chemical weapons? If they do, are they all accounted for? It is obvious that the Brotherhood has no qualms about killing hundreds of people. Then, it could have been the Assad regime. The fact is, do we know the truth?

Basically, we are in this position with ships preparing to launch missile, that ultimately won’t do anything to stop hostilities, because of the ego of one person. The President was ignored several times by Bashir Al-Assad. Assad has ignored him for the last two years and the his feelings are hurt. The President has said that the attack would decisive, but limited. This means he will launch multi-million dollar missiles to targets of little consequence, with absolutely no goal of regime change. If we do launch missiles, maybe we can call it “Operation O’s Nose Out Of Joint”.