The United States of America is in a dire situation. Our country has a national debt of almost $16.6 Trillion. Each and every citizen owes a debt of $52,582, or $146,611 per taxpayer. Our country’s debt held by foreign nations is $5.59 Trillion. The progressives, who have an aversion to spending cuts, are crying to close tax “loopholes” (meaning legal deductions) and to make steeper tax increases to bring in more tax income. The minions of the administration are looking everywhere for money they can steal.

     One of those minions, Richard Cordray, is the Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. I might add that this is one of those recess appointments the Supreme Court ruled unconstitutional and why he still is in that position, I don’t understand, but I digress. Cordray has come up with an idea for a service that, supposedly will help the government and the consumer, us. he has come to the realization that the retirement accounts of the consumer are being jeopardized by evil brokers’ manipulations. His solution is for the government, by way of his bureau, to “manage” those accounts, therefore safeguarding the consumer. After all, the consumer can’t be trusted to manage their own accounts.

     I have a retirement account, as do millions of other people. I operate on a budget, pay my bills and live within my means. This financial plan has allowed for funding my retirement account. Now, this administration wants to “protect” my investment by taking my account out of the hands of qualified advisors of my choosing so they can manage it themselves. Forgive me if this doesn’t make me feel any safer. This seems to me to be a lot like searching out the closest crack-head and asking him to take care of my money. No matter how much money I had, I’m sure it would be gone within a day.

     I would be very hard-pressed to name a program successfully managed by the government.  Social Security was set up as a retirement fund that the government managed. I knew that Social Security wouldn’t allow me the freedom I wanted, that’s why I started my own account. The government has been siphoning funds out of Social Security for years to pay for other mismanaged projects. This administration can’t even manage a budget over the last four years, much less come in without a trillion-dollar plus deficit annually over that same period of time.

     Cordray’s scheme is actually nothing more than a money grab to further fund their obscene spending. They have realized that the American consumer has $5.5 trillion in retirement accounts and they want to steal that money to put in government coffers to continue their aid to those hooked on the government dole. How dare the American consumer think of himself before thinking of the government and its idea of the common good.