It wasn’t too long ago that I heard this administration’s spokesboy, Jay “the Misleader” Carney speaking to his media zombies about how the economy is improving. The Royal One campaigned on the notion that the economy was growing just fine, Government Motors was alive, union manufacturing was producing. All was good on the financial front.

After the election, the numbers started coming in. They showed that the unemployment rate started ticking back up. Reports of companies’ plans of cutting employees began appearing. Of course, the administration’s response was to decree that henceforth, full-time hours were 30 hours or more. Employers announced plans to bring workers’ hours down to 29 hours to avoid Obamacare regulations. Then there were the military contractors who were going to have to lay off thousands of people due to sequestration. Still, the national debt clock rolled forward.

The first part of January 2013 brought the further kicking of the crumpled can down the road and a delay of the military cuts until May. The Obama Taxes kicked in, meaning companies received a higher tax rate, those making $400,000 or more received a tax increase and anyone receiving a paycheck got less take-home pay. The smaller net pay for everyone was a shock to many as they remembered the Royal One saying no one in the middle class would pay one cent more.

Yesterday, the GDP report announced that Gross Domestic Product during the last quarter shrunk 0.1%. The Lame Stream Media immediately went to work spinning, saying the recovery is still going on and that the report didn’t indicate a looming recession. Today, the unemployment number came out showing higher jobless claims than expected.

Shocking was the most-used word in describing both reports. “Experts” had expected a dip from the 3.1% GDP the preceding quarter to between 1.5-2% the last quarter of the year surprised them. Also surprising was the unemployment numbers, about 50,000 higher than expected. So much for the experts. It came as no surprise to me.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid took to the podium this morning to proclaim the country was still in a recovery and the negative GDP report  was repudiation of the Republican austerity plans. This argument is getting very tired. What austerity is he referring to? There have been NO cuts to spending! This is a direct result of the Royal One’s administration, aided by the socialistic members of the Senate. Their plan to spend the country into oblivion is working! The Royal One constantly talks about the shrinking middle class. It’s shrinking into non-existence to form only two classes: those completely dependent on the government and those to be taxed! Meanwhile, as the economy tanks, the zombie media reports on the struggles with gun control and immigration.

If things continue according to the Royal One’s plans, more companies will fail, more people will lose their jobs and the national debt clock rolls on. The talking heads all say that what is happening in Greece cannot happen here. Yes, it can and we keep approaching that point. We have a spending problem, despite the comical antics of Senator Mary Landrieu (D-La) yesterday shouting that Congress doesn’t have a spending problem. We have a couple of months before the debt ceiling argument becomes critical again. Contact your Representative and Senators and express your demands for actual cuts in the spending and a balanced budget. Tell them no to increasing the debt ceiling. Our shrinking economy requires it!