In today’s mail, I received a note from The Mitt Romney campaign wanting my help/ money, since I was such an important Republican. I felt compelled to explain my position to him. Yes, I am a registered Republican, but I’m more than that. I am a conservative and a Tea Party member. I believe the proper path we should be following is laid out by the United States Constitution. I believe in my right to bear arms as explained in the 2nd Amendment. Being Jewish, I know the Constitution guarantees me freedom of religion, not freedom from religion as the liberals demand. I am a combat veteran, having spent 25 years in the United States Marine Corps (1968-1993) and I am a strong supporter of those who have served in the military, both past and present. My son now serves, as does a step-son. Most importantly, I believe this is the most crucial election of my life. This election will determine the fate of the United States of America.

     The past three years, five months have been tough. I am a small business owner, running a home remodeling company. The economy has stood in the way of prosperity. When you add the regulations put in the way by the federal and state governments, things get downright ridiculous. Homeowners are afraid to do anything. So, business isn’t great. When Obamacare kicks in, the prospects will be even worse.

     The country isn’t faring any better. Unemployment in still too high at 8.2%, although the actual numbers would be closer to 15% or more if this administration weren’t lying to the population. Inflation is rising. Food costs more. Fuel costs more. Right after the election, the cost of energy will, as Obama explains it, necessarily skyrocket as his EPA regulations hit the coal industry over the head.Of course, about that same time, his healthcare takeover and Taxamagedden hit the country itself. This last weekend, Obama was hosting the G8 conference and he’s telling German Chancellor Angela Merkel to stop talking all the austerity stuff and start a stimulus program. Germany, being just about the only EU country with any money left, isn’t really all that enthusiastic about hosting the continued partying of the rest of the countries. Spend, spend, spend is the only plan Obama  has for the future of our nation. Why shouldn’t he  propose the same to Europe!

     So, Governor Romney, this is a snapshot of the situation as I see it. I could go much deeper, but you are a busy man. You want my vote in November, you have it. There’s no way I could vote for Obama for so mant reasons. But, for this great country, if you want to campaign as a conservative, govern as a conservative. I heard the perfect phrase at a Tea party Rally a couple months ago, although I forget who the speaker was. He said,” If you are doing what you are supposed to do, we’ll have your back; betray us and we’ll have your…” You can guess the rest. I understand you plan to run a positive campaign. I think that’s great. But rrealize, your opponent has nothing positive to run on. All he can do is smear you and your time at  Bain. You will have to answer all the lies and misrepresentations. Basically, the things you did with Bain Capital, America needs.