Great news! On Monday, 23 April 2012, the President declared the “War on Terrorism” over. I thought that was fantastic. Then, I thought again. I didn’t see any giant headlines on the front page of any newspapers, like when World War II ended. I didn’t see any dancing in the streets. Then, it occurred to me; he said it was over, not who had won. Surely, the Lame Stream Media wouldn’t miss such an occasion to praise Obama!

Well, we did get Bin Laden! Obama said that we have killed most of Al Qaida, but didn’t I hear something about a spring offensive just a week ago in Afghanistan? I’m sure there was an attack or two against our embassy there. Attacks against our troops continue. Is it possible we gave a peace, and no one noticed?

No, let’s look at a few more facts. For several months, the administration has talked about negotiated release of prisoners from Guantanamo. We’ve also heard of negotiations with Al Qaida and the Taliban to cease hostilities. We are supposed to be out of Afghanistan in a combat role by 2014, I think, although staying on in a support role for another ten years, at least. Karzai wants us out of Afghanistan, but is more than happy to receive the $2 billion military aid the administration is offering. Pakistan is already trying to forbid US operations on their soil. It doesn’t sound like we’ve won a lot on the ground.

It sounds more like the administration is trying to capitulate to Al Qaida and the Taliban in a continuing string of foreign policy debacles, and, I believe it is all related. It all started in 2009 with the uprising in Iran after the fraudulent elections. The administration chose to virtually ignore the revolt against the Ayatollahs and Ahmadinejad. With a little non-military support, the whole government of Iran could have been overthrown. But the administration couldn’t be bothered in supporting this, so we lost an opportunity to change the dynamics in the area. Of course, a few months later, we see the Muslim Brotherhood causing the fall in Tunisia. We become embroiled diplomatically in the uprising in Egypt, and afterward, the country goes to the Muslim Brotherhood, as they get the majority of seats in the government there. Now, they are calling for the military to get out of the way so they can consolidate their position and totally control the country. We spent money and munitions on the turmoil in Libya and, again, it’s the Muslim Brotherhood moving into the vacuum. Throughout the period, the administration has been out front saying the Brotherhood isn’t interested in controlling governments and how good they are. The administration has either been terribly wrong on everything or they have been secretly aiding and abetting the Muslim Brotherhood in their takeover of influence.

Domestically, the administration is busy declaring American citizens terrorists. Tea Party members are terrorists. Veterans are terrorists. Anybody who opposes the administration is a terrorists. Fast and Furious was an operation designed to make the case that since gun-loving Americans are so irresponsible with their firearms as to sell them to Mexican drug cartels, we need to outlaw the 2nd Amendment, a move hugely popular with the United Nations and our enemies everywhere. They failed miserably in the operation and got discovered. However, the assault on the right to bear arms continues. I don’t see the Department of Homeland Security being downsized any time soon. It’s a good thing the administration is releasing prisoners from Gitmo; they may need the room for the Americans they deem to be terrorists!

So, while Obama is running around the country declaring the war on terror over, there is still a lot to be concerned about. With all the lawsuits for discrimination being put forth by CAIR, judges on the bench ruling in favor a sharia law, and such groups as the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and Hezbollah, not to mention the government of Iran, supporting the re-elect Obama campaign, it appears to me as if the struggle has just taken a new direction, with the primaries and general election still to be won. The other option is the complete surrender of our country to the Brotherhood!