Well, I just got back from the gas station and, boy, do I feel depressed. This is not a lead-in to a punchline, but a fact. Here, in North Carolina, the price at the pump is around $3.60. This is after our future former governor, Bev Perdue, decided to raise the state tax on gas at the first of the year. Thanks Bev! We still look forward to the increase in price that comes from the low-emission gas recipe in a couple of months. Many state are far worse than ours in gas prices. What is causing this rise in prices?

If you listen to the lame stream media, aka Media Matters, it’s because of the turmoil in the Middle East. Well, there IS turmoil there, but all the lame stream media, aka Media Matters, is lauding President Obama for his foreign policy achievements there! Okay, lame stream media, which one is it? Surely, you can’t expect to have it both ways.

No, it goes further than this. In 2009, after Pres. Obama’s election, during an interview, he told Americans that with his energy plan, “energy prices would necessarily skyrocket.” He has been at war against energy as well as the oil companies and has done everything he can to stifle them. When the Horizon rig blew up, Obama quickly acted to shut down all off-shore rigs in a moratorium that shut off oil Americans needed, while putting thousands of rig workers out of work. At the same time, he’s telling Brazil that he wants America to be her first customer for the oil not yet being produced from her off-shore oil rigs. On a side note, isn’t Soros fairly well-invested in those oil wells? The moratorium lasted more than six months, but even after it was over, it was next to impossible for oil companies to get permits.

Keystone XL is just Obama’s latest foreign policy “achievement”. He said “no” to the project that would have put more than 20,000 people to work, union and non-union, building a pipeline from oil fields in Canada to refineries in the Houston area, providing us with oil. So, apparently, Obama hates oil and jobs! Now the Canadians are in China in an effort to send the oil there.

The Middle East is a factor in the prices. The Arab Spring, which Obama praised so highly, slowed oil flow in several places. While we didn’t get oil from Libya, the Saudis, our main source, guaranteed the Europe the oil they lost. Of course, the economic woes in Europe have actually helped to keep prices down, since people there can’t afford gas. The Saudis kept the price low to help bolster Europe’s demand.

Obama’s next target will be coal produced electricity. Since coal is so “dirty”, Obama’s EPA will soon be going after some of the electricity plants, thus causing prices to rise. It is a good thing winter has been mild this year. I hope it stays that way until after Obama leaves office.

So, when Obama took office, gas prices averaged $1.76 and it has now doubled. Now, Iran is threatening to close the Straits of Hormuz, so let’s cut our military into ineffectiveness, while allowing Iran to acquire nukes and let’s see how high the prices go with some more of Obama’s foreign policy achievements! Obama told us this was the way it had to be. America, are you listening now?