Since last week’s blog regarding the Department of Health & Human Services assault on the Catholic Church was published, a flurry of activity has taken place. A majority of Catholics, as well as those who view this as an attack on religion itself, have spoken out against this mandate requiring inclusion of birth control and abortion on health care insurance policies offered to employees. Those oppoosed to this mandate outnumber those in favor five to one.

However, throughout this last week, the Obama administration has been steadfast in its support for the mandate, and abortion in general.. Their viewpoint is the Catholic Church needs to enter the 21st Century and change. Nancy Pelosi, a Catholic (?) spoke up and admonished the whole Catholic “conscience thing” and, in typical Pelosi double-speak, says,” I am going to stick with my fellow Catholics in supporting the administration on this . I think it was a very couageous decision that they made and I support it.” Thge White House has said women “deserve” to have the Catholic Church buy them sterilizations, contraceptions and abortifacients. And, of course, the Obama administration commanded the Catholic chaplains in the military not to read the letter from the bishops to the troops (many did anyway). So, it appears the mandate will remain intact.

Or will it? The White House continues to thumb its nose at Catholics. But now, this past weekend, a new group against the mandate arises. It seems that a group of Islamic clerics in Texas has spoken against the measure. I don’t know exactly what their problem with the measure is, but the clerics came out against it.

So, here’s the conundrum. The Obama administration has basically told the Catholic C hurch to …well, you can imagine. Now that some Islamic clerics have balked, will he continue on this path? Will he completely fold? If he folds, after denying the Catholic Church, he shows partiality to Islam. Of course, he could just hand the clerics a much-heralded waiver to the mandate, under the table, of course. Keep an eye on this!