With the start of a new year, one looks back upon the last year to garner ways to improve the coming year. When looking at our government, there’s a lot of room for change. We have the House of Representatives trying to legislate, though much more moderate than conservative. We have a Senate which has gone over 900 days without a budget and, for the most part, has just sat twiddling their thumbs. As of December 27, 73 bills had been passed into law. Thirteen of those were only to name Post Offices or courthouses. Some say that it was a “do nothing” Congress, but the House did pass over 320 bills, so it sounds to me like a liberal Democrat-led “do nothing” Senate just, well, doing something with their thumbs rather than doing their jobs.

Then there is a President who dictates by Executive Order, making “law” on his own instead of going through the legislative branch, as he is supposed to do. His appointed czars aren’t confirmed and answer only to him. So far, this has only brought the country deeper in debt, more in unemployment or underemployment, more business-strangling regulations and lower GDP. With this, the President is much more concerned for HIS job than those of the citizens for whom he “works”.

When adding a judiciary that legislates from the bench to the above goings on, one must conclude that during the year of 2011, the US Constitution was thoroughly under assault. It was a co-ordinated attack and not even covert, but blatant. Our President has stated that he wished he could do his damage, I mean work, without Congress on several occasions. He sidesteps confirmation of his appointments by making them during recesses. He and his goons trample our Bill of Rights at every turn, while simultaneously regulating the life out of every aspect of our existence.

I have stood at attention and raised my right hand on more than a few occasions and sworn to protect our Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic. I, for one, say we need to return to the intent of the Constitution, as our Founding Fathers framed it. The framers gave us a way to balance the powers of the states and the federal government. It provides us with a description of how the three branches of government is supposed to work while maintaining a method of checks and balances to insure one branch not becoming too powerful. It lays out exactly what the federal government is allowed to do and everything not mentioned is relegated to the states or the individuals, us.

Those who wish to usurp the Constitution call it a dusty bunch of paper and say it is outdated. The President has said this in several campaign appearances. They try to re-interpret it to suit their own agenda, allowing them to do what they want. Too many professors disregard the Constitution for other, more liberal, forms of government and many students come away with little knowledge of the ideals put forth by the US Constitution, for which people have fought and died to defend. They can’t understand why so many want to become a part of this country, The United States of America.

The Constitution of the United States is what has made America great. It is the reason people from the rest of the world want to come here. It gives everybody the opportunity to work toward bettering themselves. It doesn’t guarantee everyone will be successful, but gives everyone that opportunity.

The state of the country today is tumultuous. Government is too big and demands to much control. Thomas Paine once said,” That government is best which governs least.” We need to return to that principle. We need to return to the Constitution of the United States. We must read and refamiliarize ourselves with its framework so we can keep America free and strong. To do otherwise would be a travesty, ultimately a world without America!