Christmas has past and New Years Day is on the way. Christmas mass has been given, the presents are gone from under the tree and the resolutions for the coming year are being formulated. Generally, I love this time of year.

After the ball drops in Time Square at midnight ushering in 2012, eyes will turn to Iowa. The year 2012 is an election year and, on January 3, Iowa is the first test of the Republican Presidential candidates. We’ve had 15 debates and a lot of speeches and in a week we will have the Iowa caucus.

Over the last several months, members of the lame stream media have been telling us who we should support, who has a chance of beating President Obama and offering all manner of polls to back their positions. If you don’t like a poll’s result, there will be another one out shortly with better results. One thing is clear, though. The truly conservative candidates are pointedly down in the polls, followed by Huntsman. Since the straw poll in Iowa propelled Michelle Bachmann to the top, the conservative candidates, we are told by the talking heads of the media, are losing ground.

Then again, why are we allowing them to tell us anything? Most of them were wrong about the effects of the Tea Party in the 2010 elections. I still remember the look of disgust on the face of the local reporter at the campaign staff gathering for Richard Burr. She apparently was looking forward to gloating when the election results came in, but was obviously dismayed on camera when Sen. Burr (R-NC) was re-elected by a wide margin. These are the same people who say the Tea Party is dead and the Occupiers represent the majority of the people. Why do we listen to ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC et al as they tell us who our candidate has to be? Let me remind you, there hasn’t been a vote cast as yet!

Our current resident of the White House, over the last three years, has developed a record of rising unemployment ( even as they use bogus numbers), rising debt ( he wants $1.2 Trillion more), higher energy prices (he did say that energy prices would necessarily skyrocket) and lower GDP. He has put more people on food stamps and has effectively crippled companies with regulations. Currently, over 70% of people say the country is on the wrong path.

The establishment Republicans want a candidate who will take America down the same path, just a bit slower. When they couldn’t buy the conservative Congresspeople elected in 2010, they downplayed their importance or flat-out blamed them for standing in the way of the GOP leadership’s attempts to increase spending.

The only way to see America regain her place in the world is to change her path from distruction to prosperity. Our new leadership, brought to Washington, DC a little over a year from now, needs to cut spending drastically. It’s not that hard to find places to cut spending. The Heritage Foundation has in the past pointed out trillions of dollars that could be cut. The Democrats in office now don’t want any cuts ( just tax increases) and the establishment GOP confuses a decrease in the proposed increase of spending with cuts.

We definitely need a conservative in the White House. It will require hard work and belief in a conservative candidate, but the alternative is to go the way of Greece and Spain economically.

January 3, 2012 starts the election year that will define the country for years. We need to get involved at the grassroots level. We need to work to get conservative candidates elected at the city, state and federal levels. It all starts in our backyards and leads all the way to the White House. As I’ve said before, right now, not a single vote has been cast. It is not too late to start to turn this country around. It is time to regain control of the government. We the People should be in control!