It is now January 2015. On 6 January, the 114th Congress convenes and, at long-last, the Republicans have control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate, after a tidal wave election in November. For the preceding two Congresses, with only control of the House, the Republicans have told the American people there was only so much they could do. ” Just wait until next election when we have the Senate as well” was their cry. During that time, the House passed many bills, only to see them sit on the desk of the Democrat Senate Majority Leader. The Speaker of the House, John Boehner, spoke of standing against the Obama agenda many times, but every time, he compromised (many, myself included, say surrendered) to align with the Democrat position. Even after the wave election that won Republicans more seats in the House and control in the Senate, they bowed again to the Democrat to pass the huge CRomnibus funding bill instead of passing a Continuing Resolution, funding the government until February when the new Congress could do the bidding of the American people.

Perhaps it’s time to remind the Republican Party of American History. I know the moderates and the left want to revise history that is taught in schools (via Common Core), but it is of great importance.In 1834, the Federalist Party gave rise to the Whig Party, the party taking its name from the British anti-monarch party because they objected to the monarch mentality of President Andrew Jackson. The Whigs gave America two Presidents, William Henry Harrison and Zachary Taylor, between 1836 and 1856, when the Republican Party came about. The Republicans lost in 1856 and the Whigs disappeared. In 1860, of course, Republican Abraham Lincoln was elected President after campaigning on freeing slaves and against the 1850 Compromise, this becoming the major party in opposition to Democrats from then until now.

During the last two decades, Republican candidates have run as strong conservatives during the primary season, only to veer toward the center in preparation for the general election. Now, though, the Democrat Party is so far to the left, that the Republicans end up left of center, the moderate Establishment. Still, more and more of the Republicans stay on the conservative or libertarian tack, standing for smaller government, lower taxes and more liberties. Many of those newly elected Republicans were elected on their promise to repeal/replace Obamacare and end the executive action on amnesty. Tomorrow, they have the opportunity to make a stand on their campaign promises. The first vote in the new session will be for Speaker of the House. A vote for John Boehner means a continuation of the same policies that have fueled Obama’s agenda. Rep. Louis Gohmert(R-Tx) has placed his name on the ballot for Speaker. Don’t fall pray to the threat that Nancy Pelosi can win the Speakership. If Republicans actually stand on principles and vote FOR someone, she can’t win. For those Republicans who want to end the “business as usual” Washington, this is your opportunity. Stand for what you campaigned for and vote for Gohmert. A vote for Boehner will mean the same policies in Washington and the possibility of joining the Whigs in obscurity. Either way, a Boehner Speakership means the GOP no longer holds my values and doesn’t deserve my notice!