As Americans debate whether the Confederate flag is evil or not, whether it should be displayed publicly or privately or if it should be even available for purchase, a much more important deadline nears. June 30 is the self-imposed deadline for an Iranian nuclear talks deal. Without a deal, Iran is free to produce nuclear material and manufacture a nuclear bomb. The White House has publicly stated their disapproval of extending the deadline, although the French and Iranians have both said there is a possibility. At present, Barack Obama is talking about how racist America is and how we need to do away with all guns and John Kerry is talking about phony climate change with the Chinese and Iran is sprinting toward the nuclear power finish line.

In April, the State Department announced the deal that wasn’t. Everything they said they had an agreement on, the Iranians came back and said they didn’t agree to any such thing. Apparently, those early talks could be likened to the Paris Peace talks between the US and North Vietnam where months were spent arguing over the shape of the table to be used during the talks. Since that time, it has been a constant stream from Tehran of demands and denials. They deny aspirations to acquire a nuclear bomb, even as the parliament chants “Death to America, Death to Israel”. They have repeatedly said the inspectors will not be allowed on military facilities. Of course, at least one of the nuclear sites is on a military facility.They demand sanctions must come off Iran before any inspections are allowed.

We are just under a week before the deadline. The highly vaunted deal is at best in shambles and, more likely, non-existent. Where are our negotiators (although I’ve seen no evidence they could negotiate their way out of a paper bag). The Iranians has given their list of non-starters which just happen to be our starters. Bottom line, Iran never meant to be dissuaded from their goal, a nuclear weapon and this administration is unable or unwilling to stop them. The negotiations were nothing but a delaying tactic to gain time to make their weapon.  Saudi Arabia is already trying to get a weapon of their own and Egypt can’t be far behind.  In short, this administration has taken the Middle East hot spot and turned it into an inferno. Perhaps, it’s time they stood up and paid attention.