Summer is almost over and Labor Day is past. By most measures, we are in the middle of election season. Although many of us have been paying attention to politics for quite a while, experts say many people notice politics after Labor Day and with the start of the conventions. Well, the Republican Convention is over and the first night of the Democratic Convention is past. So, We the People need to pay attention!

I read through the Democratic Platform yesterday afternoon with interest. What it contained was mostly predictable. I was dumbfounded by what wasn’t in the platform. For the first time, there was NO mention of the Creator, God. It was there numerous times in 2008, as well as 2004 and every time prior to that. The platform of the Democratic National Committee never mentions God throughout the forty pages. Never, not once.

Now, before I get pounced on, I’m sure there are many people of faith in the Democratic Party! That being said, I have to ask why did the writers of the platform not mention God? Could it have been an over sight? No, I believe it was very intentional. In an interview, Dick Durbin basically called the Creator “a foible”. He never said anything about the omission being a mistake.

The “social” agenda of this administration these last four years leaves no room for the mention of God in the platform.  The Democratic Party offers the first formal support for same-sex marriage, kicking Defense of Marriage Act to the curb. They demand continued tax-payer funding of abortion as well as birth control. Religious liberty, so prominently mentioned in the Republican platform, continues to be ignored in the Democratic one, as the government shows churches how to get around their beliefs to appease them.

The turning of the back of the Democratic Party to God should have those people of faith wondering if there is room the party for them or have the progressive liberals in the party hijacked the party from them. What is next? Could this be a prelude to the complete abandonment of religious freedom?

Also missing from the Democratic platform is any mention of the city of Jerusalem. Again, it has always been there before. It has always been mentioned as the capital of Israel, but no longer. There is no mention of sanctions against Hamas. Obama has made the claim that Israel has no stronger Allie than the United States, but lately, little evidence remains. Obama has recently approved $194 million to the Palestinian Authority and implied that there will be a Palestinian state. Those who stand with Israel should remember the failure of the Obama administration to name Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

These refusals to acknowledge God should have the religious people concerned. The refusal of the Democratic Party to remain faithful to the ONLY Allie the United States has in the Middle East should have Jewish Americans very alarmed. The question remains how can a Christian or Jewish Democrat vote for a politician who stands on that platform? How could they vote for Obama?