By way of a disclaimer, I didn’t watch the inaugural speech. I heard some excerpts on the few news channels I watched last night. However, I did read the full transcript of the speech. Reading the speech is bad enough, but having to watch Barack Obama’s arrogant mannerisms while delivering it are more than my digestive system can tolerate. That being said, this speech trampled every one of the Bill of Rights, save only for the quartering of soldiers.

In a speech that used the phrase, We, the People, no less than five times, he thumbed his nose at the freedom of speech of the 1st Amendment and the militias of the 2nd Amendment. His actions, paired with those who were misguided enough to vote for the National Defense Authorization Act continue to trample the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th Amendments. The 9th Amendment,which has been misused by administrations to remove some “rights” while protecting others, will be further manipulated to extend more abortion rights and gay rights by this administration. As for the 10th Amendment, as long as Obama believes that massive federal government makes all the rules, the states will not take a back seat; they’ll miss the whole car! At best, they’ll just be sued, like Arizona.

This speech advocated for more of what We, the People have had for the last four years, only more aggressively. It calls for green energy, gay marriage, more government handouts and stricter gun control (if not confiscation), while failing to mention the 22 million unemployed, the $16.48 trillion national debt or the declining consumer confidence. It mentions the high cost of health care, which was supposed to go down with Obamacare. It dredges up bridges and infrastructure which the stimulus was supposed to counter.

This speech was nothing more than a compilation of excerpts from every speech that Obama has given over the last five years. It calls for higher taxes from the rich, defined as anyone who gets a check. It calls for the further avoidance of cuts to the entitlements, such as Social Security and Medicare, the driving forces behind out debt. It calls for the gutting of the military, at the same time China, Iran and North Africa are preparing for war. The speech calls for more spending, even as we borrow 46 cents for every dollar we spend.

In the real world, you can only borrow as long as creditors have the confidence they will be paid back. China is already hinting at a debt for land deal. That doesn’t seem to me to be anything in our best interests. The only way to avoid this is to stop spending and pass a balanced budget amendment. That’s not the direction this speech takes us.

Various United Nations programs, such as Agenda 21 (yes, it IS real), the Small Arms Treaty and the Laws of the Seas Treaty have been looked at favorably by this administration. In reality, it is nothing but a surrender of this nation’s sovereignty. that must be stopped! That’s not the direction this speech takes us.

Throughout this speech, the president implies the Founding Fathers would agree with his agenda were they alive today. Thomas Jefferson said,” The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions that I wish it always to be kept alive.” It doesn’t sound much like an agreement to me. I think Jefferson had the right idea.