At current, funding for the Department of Homeland Security is scheduled to end on Friday, just three days from now. The sticking point in funding DHS rests with the Executive Order basically granting amnesty to anywhere fromĀ  5 million to 10 million illegal immigrants. Conservatives want to defund those actions before funding the agency; liberals want all or nothing on funding, plus placing of blame on Republicans for a possible shutdown. Fear not, though; within 36 hours, the Republican leadership in Congress will forget who won the last elections and cave, leaving unchecked the autocratic dictates of this administration. This will further the disappearing act of checks and balances put forth by our Founders in Articles I, II and III of the US Constitution.

With this move, this administration maintains the ability to determine how they want to enforce laws. If they want to post border agents no closer than 50 miles of the border leaving the border wide open, that’s fine. If they want to take illegals and distribute them across all areas of the country without medical checks or effort to identify them, they can. Should they desire to award them with up to $35,000 in back tax refunds (whether they filed or not in the last three years), they’re good to go. Of course, they can provide Social Security cards and Obamacare to the illegals as well. The only thing that could stop this re-interpretation of the law is a pending court case with judges, I’m sure, that will bend over backwards to find a way to find in favor of the administration!

The White House is already moving forward. They have decided it is within their power to unilaterally raise taxes. Of course, there is precedent. The Department of Justice has been shaking down banks the last few years to the tune of billions of dollars, lest they find themselves in court for following ill-written laws. The EPA has levied fines against companies that dare offend them. The EPA has even commenced war against several states for allowing the production of coal. Don’t forget the fines imposed on the poor in the form of requiring them to buy approved wood stoves, because their old stoves used for heating produces too much CO2. Never mind the Constitution, which says Congress makes tax law, according to Article I, Section 8.

Just last week, the FCC in conjunction with this administration took control of the internet, on the pretext of high-speed access for all at a low price. They set in place a plan laid out in 332 pages, none of which have been made public even five days later! The Net Neutrality “laws” made a lot of promises, but will only give customers higher prices, slower speeds and censorship. They used a law from 1932 to classify the internet as a utility, much as the telecommunication industry was classified. Under this classification, innovation in telephones was limited. The only real change was the change from dial to tone, until deregulation. If the plan is so good, why is it still being kept secret? Anyone see a vote in Congress on this issue? I didn’t. The FCC Chairman even refused to appear before Congress, saying he was too busy implementing the plan to appear.

Where has our Congress gone? They have abdicated their duties and violated the oaths they took to protect and defend the Constitution against enemies, foreign and domestic. They have surrendered without a fight. They have given up their backbones and slithered away to hide under the rocks. They, along with a judiciary that has turned a blind eye or been corrupted, have abandoned their roles to produce an autocratic government, one who dictates law affecting everyone’s lives.

Congress needs to realize they work for We the People! They need to step up, find its intestinal fortitude and do the right thing. They need to return to the US Constitution before it’s too late. Hopefully, it’s not too late already!