There was a story over the weekend, where two children were scooped up by Child Protective Services in Silver Springs, Maryland because they were observed at a playground, playing without parental supervision. The parents had dropped them off at the playground and told them to be home by 6 PM. They got worried when the kids didn’t show up on time and went looking for them at the park. While looking, they received the call from CPS telling them that they had the children, ages 10 and 6. The parents finally had their children back around 10:30, after signing a document stating they would not allow the kids out unsupervised until after the CPS finished its investigation.

I was a kid of the 50’s. I know; that was a different time. But, as a kid, on weekends, I was out of the house as soon as I finished breakfast. I knew I had to be back by a certain time, or I’d miss supper. For the hours in between, I was running around or riding my bike or doing something with my friends. We didn’t have phones to stay in contact with parents. If they needed me, Dad (Mom didn’t drive) would get in the car and drive around until he found me or someone I knew. The thing is, we spent most of the summer unsupervised. Well, almost; If we did anything we weren’t supposed to be doing, Mom would get a phone call from someone in the neighborhood telling of their displeasure in us.

But, now, the government is dictating the advisability of such behavior. The doctrine is that government knows better how to care for our children than parents. Personally, I think it started with a book called, “It Takes A Village” that illustrated how the “village” was responsible for the upbringing of children, and gradually, parents relinquished control to that village.

Now, if you want to manage the healthcare of your child, but the government doesn’t like your decision, they take the child and treat them the way they want. You could be forced to watch as the government almost kills your child rather than admit they were wrong, as in the Pelletier case in Massachusetts. The government mandates vaccines, despite religious objections. Even the education system works against parents and in favor of government control. Common Core’s first goal, outside of the data-mining, is to remove parents from the teaching environment, showing the child how necessary government is. That is one reason homeschooling is frowned on.

Government is too involved in our lives to allow it to be further involved. To raise a child, it doesn’t require a village; it takes a family, with parents involved in their children’s lives. Government shouldn’t be involved at all, in the raising of our children! Oh, yeah. The big-government loving author of the afore-mentioned book is Hillary Clinton, who just announced that she was running for President. Say a prayer for the children!