10 December, 2022 by Eric Dunkelberger

Over the last week or so, Elon Musk has been releasing internal files and communications from Twitter employees and management centered on the Washington Post release of news of Hunter Biden’s laptop. Personally, I believe the release should have started with files before the onset of Covid. Much of the vehicles for censorship were well in use by that time. In an effort to restore free speech, we need to know how Twitter strayed, or was allowed to stray, so far from the goal of free speech.

Immediately after the drop started, the left lost their collective mind. There were denials, accusations of the spread of false information and Musk trying to destroy his new purchase. But, within two days, CBS reported on the existence of the laptop, about two years after the Washington Post broke the story. Of course, they still downplay it, saying it’s just the computer of a drug addicted son of the President. You know, it’s just porn. What it actually contains is evidence of foreign interventions and 10% for the Big Guy! Well, now the story is out and the rest of the Alphabet Media, aka Sewer Stream Media, will look like the fools we’ve been saying they are for years if they continued to ignore it!

So, after three drops of information, what have we learned? We found out that Jack Dorsey, former CEO of Twitter relied on his managers to run things. When the laptop story broke, it was primarily Vijaya Gadde, the former head of legal, policy and trust played the major role on clamping down on the story, along with several others. It was two to three days before Dorsey was made aware, according to the releases. We know that, before all of this began, there was a working relationship between management at Twitter and both the DNC ant the GOP. Anytime either of them had an issue with a post, they could go to Twitter and they could handle the issue. Gradually, bias caused the favoring of the DNC, eventually exclusively. By the way, Gadde was one of the first Musk fired when he took over!

There was coordination between Twitter, other members of Big Tech, and the DNC. They were able to amplify the DemSocialists posts, while throttling back or stifling opposing posts during the campaigns leading up to the 2020 election. They advocated for mail-in ballots. their viewpoint was they were safe and easy and they wouldn’t allow any other view. As early voting began and machines started having problems, any report of such would find the disclaimer that the use of the machines was safe. Everything was fine.

People who were watching the drops as they happened commented that this was evidence of voter interference. Even Elon Musk agreed. Of course, any mention of that back in 2020 would have gotten you in Twitmo. But now, Rep. Jim Jordan has expressed an interest in seeing the raw data. Good luck Jim!

Last night’s drop concerned the lead-up to January 6th. It showed a cooperation with the DHS, FBI and the Director of National Intelligence. This was blatantly the weaponization of the intelligence community. Twitter HQ was seeing the events in almost real time, right up until the murder of Ashli Babbett by a Capitol Police officer. They weren’t sure what to do with the pictures that were coming through. They were disappointed with Trump’s Tweet telling everyone to stay calm and go home. I wonder why this tweet didn’t get to the J6 hearings. I know why: it orchestrated. Just like a lot of the events that happened on the 6th of January!

There is supposed to be another drop this evening, but that hasn’t happened as yet. Tonight’s is supposed to cover J6. Tomorrow’s is supposed to cover January 6-8. There is much to see in the drops so far. I hope the next drops are as revealing. More over, I hope something comes from it. There were crimes committed!