20 August, 2022 by Eric Dunkelberger

Last week was a busy news week. The Sewer Stream Media was busily doing their “best” to condemn President Trump for possessing nuclear codes, to either use or sell to the highest bidder nation. The idea was completely ludicrous, a fantasy more than likely made to order by second-rate FBI attorneys or media hackers looking for attention. Regardless, the nuclear codes, if the former President were in possession of them, which I deeply doubt, would have been useless as the codes would have been changed when Biden took office! Anyway, the fantasy did its job making President Trump “look” bad and keep everyone wanting more information. Many news stories came and went last week.

One of those stories was the proposition of needed changes to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. This happened just four days ago and just a day or two after Dr Rochelle Walensky made an announcement that the country would have to prepare to prevent Monkeypox from taking hold in the United States. Somewhere or other, I heard that they were considering changing the name of the virus, as too many particulars were known by the public about Monkeypox.

In my opinion, The CDC as well as the FDA have no credibility at all! Along side the NIH and Tony Fauci, they blew all information about Coronavirus, renamed Covid 19 later, out of proportion. They trafficked in the fear they produced to relieve Americans of many of their freedoms and worked to steal an election!

The reorganization would strive to “improve accountability, collaboration, communication, and timeliness within the CDC and with our customers at all levels of the organization,” according to the CDC. I’m in favor of all of those, though I’m sure the accountability will fall well short of where it should be. The CDC has already come out with new guidelines regarding Covid. They now admit masks didn’t work to stop the spread. They say there should be no difference in how vaccinated and unvaccinated are treated. They also said that the lockdowns didn’t work.

They didn’t mention the VAERS registry, recording the adverse reactions of the vaccines and the deaths they caused. Of course, that would be the responsibility of the FDA. Perhaps they should go through a major reorganization like the one proposed by the CDC. No matter what, these are just more government agencies gone rogue!

Trust the Government, said NO Founding Father EVER!