14 February, 2022 by Erich Dunkelberger

Utopia, to the government, would be defined as making rules by dictate and the citizenry would fall all over themselves doing as they were ordered, without question. As long as their subjects are compliant, they happily make more rules, further eroding liberty and, eventually, that liberty is forgotten by the people. That’s the best case scenario for a tyrannical government.

As people wake up to what is happening to them and they start questioning, that causes problems for the government. They need to crack down on the people. What does that look like?

Last week, President Biden made the comment that no Amendment is absolute. Well, The US Government didn’t grant those first ten rights that make up the Bill of Rights and they can’t take them away! In fact, they take an oath to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against enemies, foreign and domestic”. So much for oaths of office!

Government says it’s time for more rules. So, they start chipping away at those God-given rights. The compliant will go along, either through apathy or just conditioning to do as they are told. For those who resist, our feckless leaders Tighten the reigns.

Immediately after Biden’s statement mentioned above, some bureaucrat from the Department of Homeland Security posted a bulletin demanding that anyone who takes an opposing viewpoint to a government statement is guilty of being a domestic terrorist. This means if you are against forced vaccinations or the follow-up boosters ( Fauci just claimed you have to have boosters every five years just moments ago), sending your five year old to school in a mask and having you child exposed to pornographic material or any other type of disagreement, you can be wisked away to the same fate as those arrested for the January 6th protests.

People all over the world are waking up, from Australia, France, Austria and elsewhere, protesting against the tyranny of their governments. We, as Americans, can’t afford to allow our government to strip us of our right to free speech, the right to gather in peaceful redress, our right to bear arms or any of the other rights delineated in the Bill of Rights. Comply at your own peril; I’ll use my backbone to stand tall!