Bernie Sanders, National Socialist (Democrat) candidate for President of the United States, has had a bad month or so. His problem is his hypocrisy. Basically, he wants to walk on both sides of the road.

This weekend, the Senator praised the protestors in Hong Kong for their bravery in standing up for their beliefs. For once, I agree completely in that message. However, if you take the next step in reasoning, those brave young people in Hong Kong are protesting everything he is advocating for citizens here in the United States. Those protestors are standing up against the iron fist of the Peoples Republic of China, who wish to tighten the noose of Socialism on Hong Kong. To make the situation a bit more poignant video was released of military trucks moving closer to the province. Any person who knows the Chinese might remember Tiananmen Square and the Chinese using tanks to put down the protestors.

Bernie Sanders campaigns on free stuff, the classic lure of Socialism. The realism is that, under Socialism, the central authority gets to choose what’s best for you. You get what you want, as long as it’s in the best interest of the government. This is what Bernie wants for us, so how can he praise the protestors for standing on their principles against what he sees as the right path for us?

Of course, Bernie likes to walk on both sides of the road. About a month ago, he was talking about a minimum wage of $15 per hour. He has always said that is a living wage and companies need to forget their profits to pay this minimum to employees. Shortly after, his campaign staff demanded $15 per hour and he balked. After several days of bad press, he gave in and gave his employees the minimum wage of $15. Everybody’s happy, right? Not once it is revealed that those employees hours are going to be cut. We all know Bernie would be castigating any company that did the same thing, but it’s fine for Bernie!

Obviously, Bernie is talking out of both sides of his mouth, but only because he only has two sides of his mouth. If he had more sides of his mouth, who knows. All I can say is, Bernie, you can’t have it both ways!