I was blessed with some excellent teachers. Miss Perlstein of the 1st grade, Mrs. Burdict of the 3rd grade and Mrs. Harris of the 4th grade stand out in my memory. Each helped me and gave me tools that I would go on to use throughout the time I was in school. each of these teachers, along with others, showed me how to think for myself. Each teacher, especially those in Junior High and High School taught me how to analyze and form my own opinions.

That was the 1950’s and 60’s; there have been a lot of changes since then. We started the day with the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer, then the announcements for the day. We went on to learn the foundation blocks of reading, writing and arithmetic. We added to those blocks from grade to grade and we expanded the scope of what we studied.

It’s different now. Too many teachers are afraid of offending (if not being offended) to have a flag in the room, much less say the Pledge. We can’t say a prayer because, too many places have banned the Lord from schools and other public places. The basics, the “three R’s”, are no more, replaced by Common Core. Schools now aren’t interested in producing free-thinkers, preferring instead indoctrination over education. Unfortunately, that programming leans heavily toward socialism. The concept that people should rely on the state for everything runs rampant and goes hog-wild in college.

Students who are college-bound are now crying for “free” college. It was even a campaign issue for Bernie Sanders in the last Presidential election. There are two problems with that thought. First, the only money the Government has is that which it takes from us, the citizens of this country. Second, in true Socialist fashion, before the State does for the future college student, that student must prove his/her/its worthiness. The State won’t send everybody to college, and, when it does, it will be in a career direction to the most benefit for the State!

Like I said, I had a good education. I witnessed my kids’ struggling past indoctrination to get an education. Some students today aren’t even sure what bathroom to enter and detergent is for cleaning clothes as opposed to eating. Now, to be sure, there are teachers that still deliver an education and those should be greatly appreciated. There are student who manage to get an education, despite the effort to program them. to be honest, if I were a parent just sending a child to school, I’d have to consider homeschooling!