We just began a new year. Usually, it’s a time of putting the old behind us and turning our gaze upon the future, or, at least, the next 365 days. It would be nice to think we could start with a clean slate with the new year; nice and a bit naive, because it’s not going to happen.

Last year was a turbulent election year that revealed the splintering of both the Democrat Party and the Republican Party. On the left, the Socialist-leaning dynasty Democrats, led by Hillary Clinton, went head to head against the freebies for everyone Democrats headed by self-described National Socialist Bernie Sanders. The Republican Party was fighting amongst itself between the Establishment dynasty and the Conservatives, who were tired of being ignored, except at primary time, when (surprise, surprise) everyone campaigns on how conservative they are.

The weapon of choice employed by both sides was what became known far and wide as “Fake News”. Innuendo, unsubstantiated rumors and accusations, and blatant lies became  fact to the media.

Of course, this weapon has been used for years by the Mainstream (Lame stream) Media, in support of the Democrats. Actual journalists have been replaced by agenda-driven talking heads who start with a position, then manufacture stories supporting their position, even if they have to edit audio (NBC did it twice, at least) to accomplish that.

With this immoral culture of what passes for journalism now front and center, is it any wonder that it shows up on the Republican side? The dozens of click-bait websites purporting to be reporting the news were in full swing during the campaign, with no sign of let up afterward.

A few years ago, we were laughing at a generation or two getting their “news” from a show on Comedy Central. Imagine the damage done to Americans by the profiteers of the Fake News sites. Thomas Jefferson said,” If we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, it is the responsibility of every American to be informed.” If he was right, seems our freedom may be in jeopardy due to the Fake News travesty.