The Republican Party has been ill for a while. It has certainly declined since the 1980’s, when Ronald Reagan ran the party. Talking heads claim the party is fractured; they say there are too many factions wanting control of the path upon which the party follows. Of course, it’s not the GOP who, four years ago, voted against including God in its platform three times, whose current candidate choices are between a Socialist and someone under serious FBI investigation. That’s the Democrat Party.

The Republicans are ruled by Progressives, whose only difference with the Democrats is the speed with which they drive the country to its demise. The Republican establishment likes big government, huge spending bills, and have little problem with doing away with rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. (For those in American college campus “Safe Zones”, those are the first ten Amendments to the US Constitution; might want to put away Marx’s Communist Manifesto and read it!)

If the Democrat Party were a car, it would be driving flat-out, full speed to the cliff and over. The Republican car, driven by the establishment, would only be in third gear all the way over the cliff, but, ultimately, would join the first car as a smoking ruin at the bottom of the cliff. There’s a third car that has come to a screeching halt and is doing a U-turn to get back to the road to prosperity.

Conservatives, driving that third car, are angry. they have been told for years to sit down and be quiet and, looking at where the establishment has taken them, are tired of it! They have expressed their disdain for the establishment and want something different. From the wings, in walks Donald Trump, claiming to be a Conservative and an outsider.

Now, I have been a Conservative for years. I believe in limited government, lower taxes, a free market, family values, religious freedom and the US Constitution. I welcome anyone who wants the same thing. I really don’t see a Progressive having an epiphany and converting to Conservatism overnight.

Donald Trump has no Conservative credentials. He doesn’t have a problem with big government; he uses the government. He’s contributed to much of those in government. He gets what he wants from government, at the expense of other Americans. His use of eminent domain precludes a respect for personal property. He wanted a ban on semi-automatic weapons and more regulations before becoming a Second Amendment advocate. Just a couple of weeks ago, he wanted to make libel laws more lenient, so he could more easily sue someone for writing things he didn’t like, thus touching the First Amendment.

Socially, He’s not much better. He sides with Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama on partial-birth abortion. On a debate about a month ago, he said Planned Parenthood does some really good  things. Other than abortions and harvesting baby parts, any other “women’s services” are subbed out. He started his campaign by wanting to build a wall, while having used plenty of illegal workers in his businesses. His businesses also manufactures a lot of things in other countries, which he wants to tariff other companies for the same thing.

Donald Trump says he’s bringing Democrats with him, but, so far, I can’t explain why .Some of it is Democrats voting for Trump to help a wounded Hillary I don’t see all those Democrats voting for him in November. In spite of what Donald Trump says, in 19 of the last 21 polls, Hillary beats Donald in a head to head contest. Another four years under a Democrat will be the end of the GOP.

If the establishment gets a hair to create a brokered convention (as Romney’s actions make it seem likely) and insert one of their chosen as the nominee, the GOP will dissolve from within.

The Republican Party began in 1854 in an effort to end slavery. With a hard right hand turn, it can continue to do good works for the American people, but it needs an actual Conservative at the helm. That’s just one reason I’ve already cast my vote for Ted Cruz. If the Republican Party wants to go the way of the Whigs, it won’t be MY fault!