money are everywhere look at the very design of suburbia

     The White House has decided that America needs more diversityand the suburbs are ground zero. The lower-income population needs better opportunities to succeed, and the plan is to use HUD subsidies to build more modest housing in “wealthier neighborhoods”. Of course, that actually means middle-class areas, as the wealthy, donor class will never tolerate such an assault on their neighborhoods.

    The result of this attempt at utopia will be a benefit for those moving to the suburbs, but, at the expense of those already there. Yes, the new residents will have access to better schools, therefore better opportunities. The middle class residents will be paying a higher percentage because their higher property taxes pay for more of the school resources. Also, HUD housing has a tendency to lower the values of surrounding areas, thus hurting the middle class resident. After all, who hasn’t seen the phenomenon of having a higher tax value than resale value on a house?

    The real reason for the concept isn’t to give a helping hand to the disadvantaged, it’s to help the Democrat Party. Metropolitan areas are more Democrat than the suburbs and rural areas. The further away from a city, the more Republican it gets. This is an effort to water down the Republican vote at the precinct level. Let’s face reality; no Democrat plan to help the poor has ever helped the poor, but it has been a great benefit for the Democrat Party.

    This utopian scheme has been tried before, by a different means. More than a decade ago, Democrat legislators tried to regulate the financial lenders to make it easier to borrow money for a home, ultimately leading to no money down loans. Add to that the tendency to purchase more home than a lended could afford and the result is the real estate and the financial collapse of 2008. That collapse caused the loss of many in the middle class. This idea will further decimate it.