Last week, a video surfaced of Obamacare architect and MIT professor Jonathan Gruber explaining how the only way the law could pass was to lie to the American people because they were too stupid to understand the economics of it. Then, even as he was spinning it ( he was working off prompter and he misspoke), two more videos appeared saying basically the same thing. The comments are causing a turmoil, but what does it all mean?

We’ve got those defending the statements saying that everybody lies in Washington. Does a lie to get what you want make it excusable? Of course not. That’s not the way we want the peoples’ business done. But then, only one side was telling the lies; the Democrats. “You have to pass the bill, to see what’s in it” or it will only cost under $1T, or “If you like your plan (doctor), you can keep your plan (doctor). The Republicans were pointing out the lies, along with various conservative groups. All the arguments against the bill were shouted down as racist, sexist or just mean-spirited. The bill was passed at midnight on Christmas Eve under special rules without a single Republican vote!

The majority of the American people, however, saw right through the lies. Approval of Obamacare never got better than 45%. After passage, 60% disapproved of the bill. Currently, 55% of citizens want the law repealed or overhauled. Obviously, that group of Americans aren’t the stupid people Gruber was referring to.

He may have been talking about the Representatives and Senators who wrote the bill using “tortured language” at Gruber’s insistence and voted for the bill (I’ll remind you, all Democrats). He could have been referring to the media types who passed the lies on or refused to question, like the Washington Post, New York Times, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, etc. Maybe, he was talking to the people who were too easily convinced they were getting something for nothing. So, basically, the lies and the stupid labels were directed at the Democrat base. Everybody else saw through the veil and knew what was going to happen.