Apparently, the US Government has misinterpreted the news that tax revenues are the highest they have ever been to mean there is a huge surplus of money in need of spending. You can’t look at any news source without seeing someone asking for money. Comprehensive bills are in various stages throughout Congress. Uncle Sam must be positively flush with money. Then you look at the National Debt Clock and see the $17.6 trillion debt rocketing upward. To put that into perspective, that works out to $1,049,560 per taxpayer.

Several months ago, the VA turmoil was front and center in all the news media. There were 40 veterans dead in Phoenix, Az., veterans being placed on waiting lists only to be ignored, mismanagement and corruption ran rampant. The VA Secretary resigned or was asked to resign over the disgrace perpetrated against our veterans. Last week, the acting Secretary, Sloan Gibson announced that the VA needed comprehensive overhaul costing $17.6 billion. The CBO claims the overhaul could cost $50 billion. I’m sorry, but that is not what is needed at the VA; the bureaucratic culture prevalent throughout government needs to be held accountable for what it does. Receiving bonuses for manufacturing bogus paperwork is NOT acceptable. The money requested, other than a small portion going to hiring some doctors and nurses, will get lost in bureaucracy and unions. The hospital and clinic facilities already on the drawing boards won’t be built any faster than planned. A year or two down the road, it will be noticed that their money is gone and the plight of the veterans hasn’t improved one iota. But, by then, there will be several new crises to hide that view.

In Texas, illegal aliens (I know, I’m not supposed to use illegal or alien) are pouring across the southern border. The rate is so high that the DHS is set to spend $110 million to transport them to other states, where they will be dumped on the states and told to report to their court hearing at a later time, now as long as two years in the future. That’s working so well that 90% of those supposed to show up in a Dallas court aren’t showing up. The President wants $3.7 billion to handle the crisis. The problem is that the money goes to hiring judges, people to care for the unattended children, etc. There is nothing in the bill that stops the problem: they need to secure the border. A nation that can’t (or won’t) secure their borders ceases to be a nation! If passed, the money will be gone by October, but the crisis will only get worse.

By the way, Secretary of State John Kerry is giving Iran $2.8 billion in an effort to bribe them into not producing nuclear weapons in the next three months. The negotiations have been going on for a while now, and, all that time, Iran has been spinning centrifuges wildly the get closer to that goal of producing fissionable material. I’m sure Iran will put that money to great use, probably continued funding of Hamas and Hezbollah and any other terrorist entities in search of money to create mayhem.

This is just a few examples of boondoggles proposed to spend that surplus of money the Treasury has. There are other comprehensive bills floating out there. The thing to keep in mind is that comprehensive is liberal speak for a bill that has so many parts to it and is so costly that the money will get lost and nothing addressed will change. Anyone remember the comprehensive healthcare plan, Obamacare? And, for those that are unaware, there ISN’T any surplus, but a yearly deficit. That means the US government doesn’t have any money. Anything spent by the government, puts every citizen deeper into debt. A child born today is born already $55,259 in debt. Wake up, that’s your future they want to spend.