The Federal Communication Commission wants to launch a study called the “Multi-Market Study of Critical Information Needs”. The FCC wants to determine what news stories get chosen for airing and how they are chosen. To find the answers to these questions, they want to put monitors in local TV and radio newsrooms. Does this sound harmless to you? Maybe, until you realize that places government officials in the radio and television stations many of you watch. Maybe it sounds harmless, until you realize that it is only a first step.

Evidently, this spring will bring the study to newsrooms in Columbia, SC when officials start asking news directors there about their “news philosophy”. It’s obvious that, should the answer be anything other than flattering to this administration, the FCC will do to the local medium the same thing as the IRS does to the Tea Party. The FCC will, first suggest a more liberal viewpoint on a story, followed by ordering the story pulled. If the station doesn’t change its recalcitrant ways, the FCC goes ahead and pulls the station’s license to operate.

All this starts at the local level. If they succeed in the takeover , I mean, if the study is successful, it would be implemented on cable and satellite newsrooms. Of course, that would be a bit easier. There would be no need for inspectors to go to such facilities as CNN or MSNBC as they no longer have any journalists. After all, the people working there just read the statements that come from the Propaganda Department at the White House.

That is what all this is about. It’s about the control of what the public knows. When a military force invades, part of that force first secures the port or airfield, and part takes the government buildings and radio and television stations. They immediately start to calm the citizens, as much as they can. During World War II, the Germans forbid owning radios other than those that aired transmissions approved by the Germans. They wanted to make sure that the only news people got was the version they wanted the people to get. They wanted to control the information flow and content.

It’s the same here. The popularity of the administration is in free fall and they blame it on Fox News and talk radio. They are the ones who constantly play the “Lie of the Year”. They are the ones that constantly bring up Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the IRS scandal, the NSA spying on citizens, etc. By the way, if you’ve never heard of any of those, you are already part of the problem. If you pair this “study” with the “Net Neutrality” efforts, which are making a come back, and the internet “kill switch” and you form a more compliant public. This makes it easier to push forth an agenda that ,otherwise, may be opposed. To a ruling administration, opposition must be crushed. One step at a time!