Shortly before Congress left for its Christmas break, Paul Ryan (R-Wi) and Patty Murray(D-Wa)  unveiled their budget deal for the next two years. It was a bad deal for many reasons, but one of the worst reasons was the fact that one of the funding mechanisms for the bill was a cut in the cost of living adjustment of veterans, including those of disabled veterans. This provision was to increase revenues some six billion dollars. Once this was pointed out, both Ryan and Murray claimed that it was an oversight. Immediately afterward, an amendment to the bill was proposed to eliminate the cut to veterans’ benefits and, instead cut funds that went to illegal aliens. This was shot down by the Harry Reid Senate and voted down by all Democrats and five Republicans. Over this turmoil, Democrats and the anti-vet Republicans said they would rectify the cut to veteran benefits at a later time.

Well, Thursday, the opportunity to rectify the situation came back around. Another bill was put up to restore veterans’ benefits and reduce benefits to illegal aliens. Again, the Senate shot it down! Every Democrat, except Joe Manchin (D-WV) voted against the bill. Every Republican, except Dean Heller (R-Nv) voted for the bill. Again, the Senate places illegal aliens ahead of veterans. Am I missing something here?

The very people who have gone into the military with the unselfish concept of fighting for their country, possibly to be wounded or killed in combat, and are promised that after 20 years in service, they receive a pension, are considered less important than those who have entered the country illegally. A veteran, who has sustained a life-changing injury and receives a disability payment now has that benefit cut instead of cutting the benefits of someone here illegally. Such gratitude our members of Congress shows!

Our Armed Forces have been degraded by budget cuts, while, at the same time, being asked to do more. Our members of the military are asked to go forth to do more with less, while the military leadership places hurdles before them by way of the rules of engagement. This administration uses the military as pawns on their chessboard of foreign policy. Now, the Senate demonstrates how little they think those pawns are worth!