For over forty years, from the time I was allowed to vote, I have been a registered Republican because their views most closely reflected mine. Today, I can no longer say that. You see, I am one of those “wacko birds” from which you no longer want to hear. I believe in the United States Constitution as put forth by the Founding Fathers. I believe in limited government, lower taxation, a balanced budget, paying off the national debt, the elimination of the thousands of destructive regulations, and the free market system. I believe that the Constitution gives the federal government limited powers and those not implicitly granted to the fed, remain with the states and, most importantly, the individual.

It is apparent to me that the GOP no longer believes the same things that I do. You claim to agree during election time, but your actions always fall well short of those claims, with very few exceptions. Then you turn around and vilify those few exceptions.  The recent elections are a case in point. While you threw money into the race for governor in New Jersey, where there was a left-leaning moderate who hasn’t done much in lowering the tax rate in the state and wants tighter gun control, while basically making a no-show in the governor’s race in Virginia, where there is a candidate that opposes government controlled healthcare, opposes abortion up to the time of birth, while favoring the US Constitution. Virginia proved that you favored electing a Democrat rather than turning the state over to a Conservative. Something is very wrong with that!

Several recent polls should grab you attention. One of them said that, while 42% of the respondents identified with Obama, another 42% identified with the Tea Party. That means you are trying to get the remaining 16%. Another poll stated that people of the United States had grown more conservative. You, on the other hand are trying to move more left of center. If that is your goal, perhaps you should save time and just change the “R” to a “D” to get it over with. Well, at least YOU haven’t denied G_D, like the rest of the Democrats!

I once thought that I represented your base, but, now I no longer do. You once craved the Independents (Cuccinelli beat McAuliffe in getting the Independent vote), but now, you are driven to the left-moderates. Since that is now the case, I will not be sending money to fund your efforts. I will not help you fund liberal Republicans like Lindsey Graham. I doubt you’ll be helping Nancy Mace or Lee Bright in the South Carolina race. As for my own state of North Carolina, where Kay Hagan will be defeated, I’ll be spending money and effort to elect the conservative candidate over your establishment candidate!

I know this letter will be ignored by you, just as my principles have been held in disdain by you. However, as long as you following the advice of the left-moderates (Karl Rove comes to mind), just slightly right of Democrat socialists, We have to part ways. I, and the people like me, the Tea Party Patriots, have to save the country from what you have done to it!