Edward Snowden has shown a lot. He has shown American citizens they have a government that is spying on them and all the information they get, they can keep and go back to use against us later. He has shown us we no longer have any privacy. He, and others, have demonstrated that there is very little, if any, honesty in this administration. Most importantly, however, he has shown our world standing.

     Shortly after the revelations of the invasion of privacy committed by the NSA against the American people, Snowden fled the country, ending up in Hong Kong. After his whereabouts were known, the Department on Justice filed a sealed indictment of espionage against Snowden and asked the government of Hong Kong to send him back to the United States. There was probably quite a bit of back and forth between China and Hong Kong, but the diplomatic sit and wait paid off. By the time the dust settled, Snowden was on his way to Moscow. There he remains, evidently in the transit lounge of Sheremetyevo International Airport, with Vladamir Putin’s approval.

     In the old days of the cold war, the United States was a Superpower. We were there to head off attempts by others to brutalize other nation, or to protect the citizens of a brutal regime. We led NATO and, to some extent, the United Nations. Other countries may not have liked us, but they definitely respected us. That is not the case anymore. John Kerry, fresh from becoming Secretary of State, was forced to cool his heels in Moscow, having to wait three hours for a meeting with his Russian counterpart. I doubt that would have happened under a President like Reagan. We have world leaders saying insulting things about the current resident of the White House. An Irish member of Parliament, Clare Daly, called him the “Hypocrit of the Century”  and Putin calls him weak.

     It is a time of great tension in the world. China is in the midst of a teritorial dispute with Japan. North Korea is firing missiles over Japan. Syria is in a bloodbath of a civil war. Egypt is bubbling up into a riot. The Russian navy is back in the Mediterranean Sea for the first time in years. Iran is on the verge of becoming a nuclear power. Our military is spread thin and being starved of necessities by its own Commander in Chief.

     The diplomatic pots are all boiling over on the stove that is the world and we have no one in the kitchen. We  have made demands of others and they stand there thumbing their noses at us. But, cheer up; at least Fearless Leader is set to enjoy a vacation in Africa. On our dime!