It’s been three days since the senseless, evil events. The media is still fixated on Newtown, Connecticut, on the school where twenty 1st graders and six of the school staff were killed. The killer is dead, as is his first victim, his mother. The news media is still asking the most stupid of questions of the victims families, showing politicians whose only interest is in the photo opportunity the tragedy offers them or trying to correct the myriad of errors they had reported earlier.

     Barack Obama has said that events such as this have happened too many times and he’s correct. Something must be done! There are many people offering solutions covering the gamet from gun bans to putting guns in the schools. The gun control advocates will tell anyone who listens that if there were no guns, there would be no violence. That same Friday, there was a man in China, a country that has taken guns from its citizens, stabbed to death twenty-two children. Perhaps the Chinese are screaming for the government to take away all knives there.

     Gun control has been tried many times in many places. Washington, DC has a gun ban and it is a very dangerous place to walk the streets. Chicago’s gun laws are extremely strict and, as of the end of October 2012, they have seen 436 murders. The country of Australia had a gun buy-back prior to their gun ban. After they banned guns, their crime rate went up.Apparently, the old adage, “If all guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns” is true. This is an inherent problem with gun-free zones; by definition, it is a place someone with a gun can go and do whatever and nobody can stop them.

     Why did the killer at Sandy Hook Elementary kill himself? He killed himself as soon as the first responder arrived. He killed himself when the first person with a weapon got there. The killer in the Portland, Oregon mall shot himself when he was comfronted by someone with a concealed carry permit and accompanying weapon. There are numerous reports of criminals being thwarted by armed, responsible citizens with a legally obtained pistol for self defense. They just don’t get the coverage from the Lame Stream Media,  because it doesn’t fit into their progressive agenda.

     When this administration starts talking about gun control, what they actually are talking about is simply control. Their view is that they, the government, should be the responsible for everyone’s safety. I’m not sure I want to be lectured about gun ownership by those responsible for giving the Fast and Furious guns (automatic weapons) to the Mexican drug cartel.

     Away from the gun control debate, there are those who claim it’s a mental health issue. These are the same progressives who closed mental health hospitals because it might stigmatize someone. Here in North Carolina, the state closed Dorthea Dix Hospital a few months ago and, now, are planning to turn it into a park. That’s nice, but do they have any plans for a new facility? Of course not. Some are talking about taking a harder look at mental health qualifications for gun ownership. The Veterans Administration is aiding in the gun control aspect by harshly questioning the mental health of any veteran. After all, hasn’t the Attorney General and the head of the Homeland Security declared the veterans (and the Tea Party of course)as terrorists.

     The one solution the progressives fail to see, however, is the decrease in the morality in the society they’ve produced. They have generated a society without responsibility, where almost anything is permissible and nothing is “your fault”. The line between right and wrong isn’t blurred; it’s erased. They’ve tried to take religeon out of everything in our lives and replaced it with government. Perhaps an answer to the problem is a moral one. As Ronald Reagan said,”There are no easy answers, but there are simple answers. We must have the courage to do what we know is morally right.” Obviously, this is something we must do for ourselves.