The President of the United States stood at the podium to speak. The audience was the General Assembly of the United Nations. All he had to do was give a speech, then he could go back to pandering to his “base”, those Americans who believe that government can do everything in life better than they can do for themselves.

     The speech, for the most part, was just another speech to his pep rally Lame Stream Media and the Obama zombies. Of course, he had gone before a couple of newspeople from Univision who actually dared ask tough questions, embarrassing the President. On a personal aside, perhaps we should send our craven, incompetent “journalists” to Mexico for a refresher course on how to do their job, but, I digress.

      Then it happened. Obama is again blaming the attacks on our embassies and consulates on some video that no one has seen. The fact that the Libyans have said that it was a planned, coordinated attack means nothing. The fact that the State Department had three days advance warning means nothing. The fact that it was September 11 means nothing. The deaths of our Ambassador and three others were, as Obama tells Steve Croft in an interview, just “bumps in the road”. Then, Obama makes the comment,”The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet, Mohammad.” This caught my attention for two reasons.

     First, it was a bow to Islam, as no other religion was brought up before the assembly. Does he mean to put Islam before any other religion. Let’s face it, within a few miles of the United Nations building, there is a broadway play, “The Book of Mormon”, which brought Hillary Clinton to her feet in a standing ovation, which would offend Mormons. I’m sure Christians everywhere are offended by the return of an “art presentation” showing a crucifix in a jar of urine. Strangely, I hear no apologies to Mormons or Christians. Yet, I hear that both the Libyan leader and the Egyptian President want global laws making it a crime to insult Islam or Mohammad. Well, the UN has never really been a big fan of freedom of speech. Well, the UN has never been a big fan of anything in our Constitution.

     Secondly, although claiming to be a Christian, his actions support Islam much more. This is just a step by the Obama Administration to further support the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama has done nothing to curb Iran’s quest for the nuclear bomb. Iran supports the Muslim Brotherhood. The Secretary of State has an aide on her staff, Huma Abedin,whose father is high in the Muslim Brotherhood and her mother is a member of the female version of the group. Obama was very vocal in the fall of the government of Egypt and was happy about the Muslim Brotherhood victory in the elections. Obama “led from behind” in the turmoil in Libya, resulting in a power vacuum. However, over the last seven months, Obama has given not much more than lip service to the violence, the civil war, going on in Syria. Strangely enough, Syria’s major supporter is Iran. Of course, the Arab Spring started with the students in Iran revolting after the massive fraud in their election, in which Obama’s voice was completely absent!

     The goal of the Muslim Brotherhood is world domination for Islam. This will begin with the undermining of the state of Israel, claiming Jerusalem as their capital, followed by the destruction of the United States from within. This will begin soon in Israel and is already well under way here in America, under Obama’s “leadership”. Obama’s stance on this is evident, if not spoken!