Today’s ruling by the Supreme Court has fired up a lot of people, and for good reason. The court’s verdict was that Obamacare would not work as a mandate, but would as a tax. Or, I should say, the majority said this. The four who dissented, Scalia, Alito, Thomas and Kennedy, wrote that nothing in the Affordable Care Act was constitutional. Chief Justice Roberts, writing for the majority, even said that it was not the job of the Supreme Court to protect people from legislation, but to rule on legislation’s constitutionality. Those on the left are elated by the ruling and those on the right are anything from saddened to NEAR rebellion.

     The ruling today effectively authorized the largest tax increase in the history of the United States. Let me remind everyone there was a candidate campaigning for President in 2008 promising there was categorically NO way he would increase taxes on those in the middle class.That candidate was Barack Obama. With today’s ruling, Joe Miller’s cry, “He lies!” became a fact. Campaigning for the act, he said this was not a tax and would, ultimately, result in lower health care costs. With today’s ruling, it has been revealed that he lied! Of course, the government, pleading before the court that the mandate was, in fact, a tax, should have been a tip-off. Amazing how they change their tune to fit their circumstances. The truth is that Obama, as well as his vassals (Pelosi, Reid, the Lame Stream Media, AARP, et al) lied to the citizens of the United States.

     For those of you out there celebrating Obamacare’s great victory, let me remind you. Your healthcare insurance is NOT free, but will be more expensive.. The doctor you like going to, may NOT be in business next year. The wait in the Emergency Department will NOT be any less. Of course, if you are one of the illegals Obama just allowed free reign, that may not be true, but for those of you who are legal citizens, sorry, those are the facts.Add in the fact that your tax burden just increased hugely, to the tune of about $1.76 trillion, and the betrayal should begin to be felt. If you don’t have any insurance, the ruling today says it’s okay for the government to tax you $77, or 2% of your income. That’s just to start, as it will increase dramatically. If you don’t have a job, your chances just got worse, because of this ruling. As a small business owner, I know I’ll be hiring less people, if I have to pay for my employee’s insurance. Of course, this is a major goal of Obamacare; the enslavement of more citizens to government aid!

     This being said, let’s not declare Lady Liberty dead yet. She’s alive, though not well.This ruling is a clarion call to those of us who desire freedom! I understand that John Boehner has been true to his word, for once, and a repeal vote has been scheduled for July 11 in the House. Make sure you let your Representative how you feel and tell them to vote FOR repeal. All of them are up for re-election, unless they’ve chosen not to run again, so let them know if they don’t vote for repeal, you won’t vote for them! Next, it will have to go to the Senate, where we don’t have a majority. The majority of seats up for re-election in the Senate are Democratic and many of them are in tight races. Tell yor Senator to bring it up for a vote, and again, if they don’t vote FOR repeal, they don’t get your vote. How many congresspeople are going to vote against repeal of a massive tax increase on everone in a tight election year? The latest polls I’ve seen have shown 62% of the people wanted some or all of Obamacare struck down. They can’t ignore the numbers if we all become active in this agenda.

     The secret is, this November, we need to get out to vote. We need to get our friends and neighbors out to vote. We need to vote against every person with an ideology of liberalism, progressivism, socialism or Marxism. Vote Obama out of his job. Vote Pelosi out of her job. Today’s ruling means they can effectively tax anything. They can even require you to buy a Chevy Volt or be taxed in punishment. This November, vote for Liberty against Tyranny. It may be your last chance!