Scott Walker and Tom Barrett went head to head in the recall election in Wisconsin yesterday and, after all the media exposure and speculation, the results are in. Governor Scott Walker, as well as his Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch, retain their jobs. The polls closed at 9 ET and by 9:45 it was already being called a win by Walker. This is all great news, but the meaning behind this victory goes way further than just a winner and a loser.

     Scott Walker, a Tea Party backed candidate, won his election to Wisconsin Governor with a policy in mind. He campaigned on that policy, so people knew his plan and still he won. His plan was to get public-sector employees to contribute just 6% into their own benefits package. The unions, of course were completely against this, as it wasn’t the norm. Why should union employees make any sacrifice, even though it meant the state going even deeper in debt. The unions screamed that teachers, police and firefighters would lose their jobs right and left in Walker’s effort to get the state back on its feet.

     The results of Gov. Walker’s policies helped the state of Wisconsin. The unemployment rate in the state dropped a full point and the state deficit of over a billion dollars went to a surplus. The problem to the unions was the fact that affected union membership dropped from over 50,000 to around 29,000 members. This was the main reason the unions launched the recall effort. petitions were sent out and signed by such notable union supporters as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck (not sure where exactly Goofy stood on this issue), and Adolph Hitler. The courts allowed all the bogus names and the recall was on. Union members from all across the country, many paid for their time, to protest in the streets, as well as the state capital building.

     The Tea Party came to the Gov. Walker’s defense after he stood up to the unions. The policies employed in Wisconsin by Walker were shared by the Tea Party and they were working. This was a glowing example that the things the Tea Party stood for would not only work in Wisconsin, they demonstrated that they would work on the national level. The Tea Party’s philosophy to a candidate is that in tough times, if they follow through with their principles, they will have the candidate’s back; cross us and we’ll have your a**. Walker stood his ground and maintained his principles and his position, so the Tea Party backed him, as did 57% of the state voters.

     So, with the results of the vote, what do we take from it? First, the demise of the Tea Party is greatly exaggerated. It is alive and well and endorsing candidates who share our values. It is still grassroots and is actively involved at every level of local, state and federal government. While the Occupiers, promoted by the lame stream media, the socialist party, the communist party, the Democratic National Committee and this administration, are out there creating chaos, the Tea Party has been furthering its policies and goals to return liberty to America.

     The second thing to take from Wisconsin is that We the People are no longer going to bow to the thuggery of unions. Despite the fact that union members were out there at the polling places in an effort to intimidate the vote their way, those who saw the benefits of Scott Walker’s policies, voted against the unions (and those aforementioned groups backing them). Chicago politics as usual is over!

     Next, the Lame Stream Media is an embarrassment. From the very beginning, they were heart and soul behind the unions and their liberal policies. They touted how mighty the unions were and that they would overcome all obstacles to win this election.  They extolled that as Wisconsin went, so too would the general election! This past week, they started getting worried about polling information they got, but not always distributed. Last night, the alphabet networks went from supporters crying while saying that democracy is dead to a network re-running the Queen’s jubilee that happened earlier that morning. No wonder their ratings are going down. People aren’t watching CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, etc, because they are getting information elsewhere. They are getting unbiased news and the lame stream media is revealed as the embarrassment they are. They should learn from this or fade into obscurity! To the guy who was crying about democracy dieing, I say LONG LIVE THE REPUBLIC!

     Lastly, conservative values, as well as family values matter to the majority of people. The free-wheeling, spend-fest that is politics today took a major hit last night. Politicians, whether they have a R or a D behind their names should take notice. We the People are tired of the same old thing in Washington, DC. There are tough decisions ahead of our country. If you are not going to make the tough decisions to correct the current course, get out-of-the-way or we will vote you out-of-the-way. Continued can kicking is no longer an option!

     Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, DNC chair, said a few weeks ago that the Wisconsin election was ” a dry-run for Obama”. Although, now she’s walking that statement back, I think that, for the reasons I’ve just mentioned, things may not be looking bright in the White House today. I hope not!